day 31: did we improve?

Wow did January fly by or what!? Crazy.

Today is the last day of Improving our little world 31 day challenge. I have been thinking  about this post all day, what to write, a project to share and I keep coming up with nothing. This isn’t normal for me, I always come up with something.  Seeing that the day is nearing the end, I have to get something on paper, or computer screen, so I guess a review of the month is what it’s going to be.

I do believe that we have improved our little world on this 31 day journey.  I have completed many of the “to do’s” from my list, although I still have more to do.  We have tried out some crazy for us things, such as No Technology day. Seriously, you should try it, it’s hard!

Quite a few spaces have been cleaned out and reorganized.  I didn’t blog about some of them, mainly because I got so into tossing stuff and organizing what was left, I forgot about blogging while working, and really if you don’t have before and after photos it’s not worth sharing.  We did take 4 trunk loads of donations to our local SPCA. Improving someone’s world I hope.

As for the posts I asked for your opinions, first I thank you and second here are the outcomes:

IMG_5735The E…it’s staying black, it’s totally grown on me. Perfect.

9closeThe Series of 9…. as of now, that orange canvas is still orange! Thank you to my Facebook friends who have given me some awesome ideas, I think I will be combining some of them. You know I will share the outcome, whenever that may be.

Okay stuck again, it’s 3 hours later and I need to just finish this.  Not to go totally off the subject here, but does this happen to anyone else. Needing to get something done and having no desire to 1. get it done and 2. don’t even know how to do so?  I am going to keep it simple and end this post like this:

Improving our little world, it’s been a success  There is more to do, and that’s good. Improving is for the year really.  You know I will be sharing many more things with you, I do hope you enjoy.signature

read them all!
read them all!

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