Can you hear me?

Today my improvement is simple, although a bit difficult at times.  Listening. Yep, that simple word I say five thousand times a day to kiddo.  I sometimes wonder if she has a hearing issue, then she will say, “did you hear that, a cat outside across the street is meowing”  Obvious her hearing is selective, which makes me wonder if mine is too.  When I am asking kiddo to do something and she starts to talk about why she “just can’t right now” am I really listening to why? No.  Am I hearing that to her, she might have a good reason why she needs to “wait just a few minutes mommy.” No. How can I possibly expect kiddo to listen and to hear my words when I am not hearing hers.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are moments when she has to do things when I ask her too.  But really does it matter too much if I ask her to help set the table, and she says “I just can’t right now, in a few minutes, ok?” Usually I say, “No, now.” But why, dinner isn’t going to ready for 20 minutes, so maybe I should hear her and give her a few minutes. All that matters is that it’s done before dinner is ready.

This for sure could get totally out of hand.  She already thinks she is the judge of the house, “Mommy I am a judge and I say no, I bang the gavel,” so I don’t want to give her any more ideas of “ruling the roost.”  But I think, for me, hearing her is an improvement that I am going to work on.  It’s going to take awhile for sure.

Now, tomorrow’s improvement is taking a day away from the computer, tv, cell phone, all technology.  So I won’t be sharing an improvement as I will be enjoying or  quite possibly going bonkers with my technology free day. More on Monday though, I know you can’t wait!

This is day 5 of "Improving our little world in 31 days" you can read them all here
This is day 5 of “Improving our little world in 31 days” you can read them all here