Improving the recipe situation

If you are at all like me, you might possibly have a mountain of printed out, ripped out and scribbled down recipes in a pile or magazine file. This makes me bonkers! It takes for ever and a day to find what I am looking for, usually I give up and make something boring for dinner, “Yes stir fry again”

IMG_5695So this is no secret, organizing recipes.  I choose to go with a binder, plastic pages and divider tabs.  This mountain only took an hour to organize (why didn’t I do it sooner!) and it brings me such joy.

IMG_5696One of my “to do’s” for the 2013 is to have a meal plan every week for dinner. I can see the logic in this, shopping at the market once a week, knowing what you are doing when it’s 530pm and your family is used to eating at 6pm. Meal planning will be a big improvement for me.  I started this week, and so far so good.  I am not one who plans Monday we will have this and Wednesday it’s that, this is just a bit too organized for me, what if I am not in the mood for that on Wednesday.   Anyway, I just choose seven meals and then cross them off while I go.

Today while organizing the recipes, I thought it would be great if I could keep the weekly meal plan in front of the binder, writing it out on a sperate page every week seemed like a bit much (funny I know) so I thought what if a dry easer pen works on a binder… guess what, it does! Happy day! This little discovery makes me so happy (sad but true).

IMG_5701Off to make dinner, hum I think it will be Arabian Lentil soup, oh and my recipe is right there in the binder on the counter… ah a total improvement!

This is day 3 of "Improving our little world in 31 days" you can read them all here
This is day 3 of “Improving our little world in 31 days” you can read them all here