Two weeks to go, checking in

In two weeks, day one of “the” first craft show will be over. Breath.  Today I have been nervous about this 14 days. Sunday I set up a schedule for myself, I realize now this it was not realistic. This is what makes me nervous,  I wanted to be further along in my inventory.  That being said, I have made huge progress this week, just today I made 8 dresses… don’t beat myself up too much- right?

I am looking forward, I must say, to just being at the show and NOT sewing for awhile.  Today kiddo said “yay yay I know your sewing now” and “are you ever going to be done sewing?”  I sure do hope so- I am dreaming about sewing and frankly I am kind of over it (for tonight).  It’s not that I am not enjoying it while I am sitting at the machine, it’s that it is interfering with daily life.  Our house is a dis-as-ter, home cooked meals- I think I cooked once this week (this is so not the norm for this June Cleaver want-to-be), laundry- “well it’s not that dirty you can wear it again.”

This is one thing that none of the many books I have read about crafting business’ talks about.  How your normal life will be interrupted by “the” show, “the business.”  When to find the time to work?  I guess I could not sleep, but let’s be real that IS NOT going to happen.  So my method: I try and do something fun every day with kiddo and then work the rest of the day.  It’s tough on her I know, she is acting out because of it. She is so freaking sassy lately- only towards me, luckily (I guess).  This sassiness makes me bonkers.  Ignoring the sassy, makes it worse, it’s a loose loose at this point.

My husband got home from work this evening to bitchy me because I could not find a pan to “cook” dinner in.  Granted we have many, but I wanted a specific one.  (Still haven’t found it and our kitchen is tiny- were the hell can it be??) Kiddo was being whiney, sassy and asking 5000 questions in her way to loud for inside voice.  I bet I had that glazed over, bitchy, help me but don’t help me look in my eye. I would not be surprised if he thought about going back to work; one of the many things I love about him, he knows that when I am bitchy me, to just let me be and I will come back to real me quickly. And I did 🙂

Any who…I hope those of you who are in Davis or want to take a nice drive to Davis in two weeks will be attending “the” show and thanks for reading my rant, off to dream land, hopefully not about sewing

(hee hee I am one of those 70 Artisans’ Booths)

Autumn is in the air…FINALLY

We are so fortunate to live in California, the weather has been amazing lately.  Annoyingly so.  Don’t get me wrong, warm sunny days are fantastic, but when it’s November I don’t want 83 degrees.  I want jeans, sweaters, boots! Today it was chilly, windy and raining, awesome.  Our afternoon was spent inside (shocking I had to sew) kiddo watching a movie, munching real popcorn (aka not microwaved) and my need to add a bit of Autumn decorations.

As you know, we glittered acorns the other day and Kiddo made these awesome leaves at pre-school.  “Mommy, we need to display my leaves in my gallery.” Of course they needed to be displayed, but how?  Think, think, think… taking down the last of the Halloween decorations this evening, I figured it out!  I have a large simple black frame that had a spider web in it, and I thought there has to be a way to hang the leaves in the frame.

Thread and tape! A little tape to hold the thread on the back of the frame, a bit of tape to hold leaf in place; how easy is that! It took about 5 minutes and looks perfect! I am sure there are many “better” ways to do this, but it got the job done and if I didn’t tell you how I did it, I don’t think you would guess thread and tape- would you?

Pretty leaves, glitter acorns, an awesome turkey painting by kiddo (his head the small green blob on the left) and a piece of vintage orange and blue paper framed (thank you Ashley for mentioning that you did this today) brilliant!  Now for a cup of tea and my evening work basket.

Glittered Acorns, oh my

In the park behind our home is a massive oak tree that has the most awesome acorns.  I collect them every year for the table during November.  This year I thought how about adding some sparkle (aka glitter).  For some reason I thought today would be a good thing to do it, probably because I was done cutting (I cut out 4 more jackets and 15 superhero capes), the kiddo has been acting weird all day (super quite and wanted to wear pajamas, if you know my kiddo you know this is weird!) Kiddo also wanted to do a project with Mommy and I want to get the Halloween decorations down and Thanksgiving decorations up. So why not, let’s get our glitter on, shall we?

Bowl of almost awesome acorns

This is super simple to do, takes about an hour, is messy, fun and somewhat annoying when you realize that this was the wrong day to include the kiddo, but hey the glitter almost matches the carpet!

Here is what I used, thrifted vintage glitter in a coppery-gold color, white glue watered down a bit, paint brush, small plastic container and acorns.

Add some of your glitter into the small container, this is to “help” contain the glitter and “help” little hands keep it somewhat contained.

Brush your acorn with the glue mixture.  I started off glittering the seed part, but after a few where done, I switched to glittering the caps, I like them much better.

Place the painted seed into the container of glitter and let the kiddo “gently” roll it around to get glitterized. This is where my “containment” plan failed, I think the container I used was a bit to small, one wobble and it was all over the floor.  I needed to vacuum anyway.

A bit of glue in the cap to stick it back in place, and it’s purrdy.  Kiddo and I decided to try glittering the cap of the next acorn and after that she said “Okay Mommy, you can continue doing this, I am going to go to London now to visit with the mermaids.” (okay three and half year old, whatever- quite crafting moment for me).

 About a half hour later I had finished. Aren’t they cute with the glittered cap?  I did end up brushing the seed part with the watered down glue too, it adds a little shine and protects them a bit.

Now I have a bowl of awesome glitterized acorns.  Have you ever glittered acorns?  Are you going to try it?  Maybe pinecones for December?  (Now I need to vacuum)

“Let’s go shopping in the barn”

We are in Sebastopol for the weekend again, it is so relaxing and calm-ish here.  Today we, my mom, John, Kennedy, and I, did a trial run of setting up my booth space for the BIG craft show (27 days away!).  For those of you who are awesome and followed my 31 days to preparing for my first craft show, you saw my sketches for my booth space, for the rest of you, here is a link to the sketches.

“Let’s go shopping in the shed.”  My mom has a collection (yes collection) of shutters.   I would guess there were at least thirty shutter options at my beck and call. We found boards for shelves, baskets, frames for signage, so much stuff.

Being patient lounging on the outside sofa

The cute things were a little tricky, not in finding the cute containers, but deciding which ones to use, this was the tricky part.  My mom has TONS and TONS of super cute vintage baskets, vintage baby doll cradles, vintage satin handkerchief, jewelry and hose organizers, all things vintage, basically.

The most “difficult” part, was trying to find something to use as the “paying” stand.  Some sort of table, bookcase, cabinet that is tall enough to stand at, but small enough to fit into this super tiny booth.

“Let’s go shopping in the van” – laughing so hard I am crying, the van really? – nothing

“Let’s go shopping in the house” – yes! Found it, a small, tall five drawer cabinet, a pink-ish color, perfect. (It’s the piece on the right front, that’s the back side before I painted it- I went shopping in the tool room for paint).

Ta-Da! Here it is, the basics for the “The Vintage Princess by M.E.” booth! Let me tell you, 4 feet by 8 feet is SMALL! Holly cow. The good thing about this, I am feeling way better about my inventory amount, the bad, it’s so freaking small! So small.

close up of the “cute” stuff, vintage handkerchief holder, baby doll cradle and a super cute suitcase with christmas tree. And how fantastic is that chippy pale blue and green!?

Overall, I think the booth turned out exactly like I was hoping, it’s vintage, cute and perfect.  It was a fun day of “shopping,” giggling, cursing, working and sweating (who knew it would be 85 degrees in November!).  Back to sewing for me or maybe a cocktail. Cheers!