Cabinetry & Furniture

A Paneled Room

In order to incorporate the remotely operated window shades that slide down between the pilasters and the backing panels, I designed this mahogany paneled wall to surround the three French doors.  From this view point, it is difficult to see that the pilasters are slightly proud of the door and window casements for the shades to slide between.  The rolled shades and motors are hidden behind removable panels, at the ceiling, for maintenance access.

A Ladies Vanity

I designed this master bath vanity for a home in Belvedere.  Truly it is a ladies make-up vanity.  The piece was designed using Mahogany, Satinwood and Amboyna veneers.  In order to maximize storage space, there are trays attached inside the doors along with roll-out trays.  The client insisted on having a finger tip sink integrated into the piece so I placed one at an angle for easier use. Overall size: 18″ deep at widest point by 68″ long.

A Writing Desk

“A writing desk thats tall and can also hide the plasma tv.”  This is what the client wanted when I designed this canted front Italian inspired writing desk while working at Curtis Coleman Company.

The cabinet is made of walnut and designed to appear as an antique.  The canted top folds down to reveal a leather writing surface, paper storage slots and small drawers.  The upper cabinet doors open to expose a plasma tv and storage shelves.  The base has eight beautifully turned legs with crossed stretchers.

A Dining Table

A seemingly simply dining table.  Over scaled cabriole legs, solid Oak with a Yew inlaid top and distressed the table measures 10 feet long and 3′-6″ wide.

Stair-landing Library

Inspired by the clients to have “portals” into their children’s rooms, having a reading corner that “surrounds” them,  I designed this stair landing with gothic-inspired break-front cabinets, which provides storage below and bookcases above, a bench at the stair, and a curved, arched, chair in the corner.

This photo was taken during the dry install in the wood shop.   The clients of this library where super fun to work with because they are an artsy couple who had imagined this space.  It was a wonderful feeling when the project was finished to hear them say “Yes this is exactly what we imagined.”

Foyer Cabinets

The client wanted to have “2 small closets” in her foyer so this is what we came up with.  They are canted to allow more space and ease of flow through the foyer.  The cabinets have an Italian inspired panel doors with over sized hardware.

Billards Room

This mahogany paneled room is adjacent to the gentlemen’s study, shown in the last post.  The clients wanted an old world feel to this space.  The art on the walls, I lovingly called it the “dead animal art”, was purchased before the home was built and the paneling had to be designed to work with the sizes of the paintings.  The space turned out really nice and all the pieces fit though the door ways this time!

Media Cabinet

This media cabinet is made out of mahogany with Italian detailing.  The tricky thing about designing media cabinets is that all the equipment needs to have venting.  So using a simple method of adding venting holes at base and the back the air flows naturally through the cabinet.

A Man’s Study

This is a study in a large residence in the Napa Valley.  One of many rooms that I worked on in this home while working for The Curtis Coleman Company.  The cabinetry and paneling (which is what I designed here) are done in mahogany with bookcases flanking the large central cabinet which houses media equipment.  There is a secret door in this paneling that leads to the outside spa area- how fun is that!

Above are spaces and furniture I have designed while working with The Curtis Coleman Company.  I currently am doing freelance design while staying home with my daughter.

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