“Sneaky B’s” Nursery!

I know you have been waiting on pins and needles to see our master closet turned into Sneaky B’s nursery so here you go!


So this space was originally our master closet, we will call it a master closet because it is attached to the master bedroom.  Each side has a five foot opening to a six foot by two foot space of hanging clothes and behind the pink hanging fabric is a second door to the bathroom.  About two years ago, we changed this space to be his and her’s offices, mine was on the left, Hubby’s on the right. When we did that, we added a wall to wall hanging closet system in the master bedroom (thank you ikea!).

Today it’s a super cute (I think) nursery space for our sneaky baby who is due to arrive in less than 20 days! Can you believe it? I sure can’t, most of the time…but then, that’s just a “due date” right? It’s anyones guess when she will decide she is ready to “pop on out of that belly” as Kiddo says.

So here is how it went down. After days of clearing out (a special thanks to my Mama who helped big time with this!) and collecting new and thrifted items, it was time to put everything together.

madisondetailsThe starting point was the fabric that is hanging behind the crib, like wallpaper.  I loved the colors, not really baby girl but still girly enough without being all pink. Next came the birds, for some reason I wanted birds in the nursery space. Confession time…I hate birds, chickens, feathered friends. I don’t want them close to me, I don’t like that they poop while they fly, I don’t want to touch the feathers Kiddo finds EVERYWHERE, I don’t mind looking at them from far away, but yuck I don’t like them, so why I needed to have birds in the nursery I have no idea.  At least they don’t have feathers and these ones are cute.


Okay, so back to the space.  I had to find a “mini” sized crib, and thanks to the internet, that was super easy.  This one is DaVinci Emily Convertable Mini Crib in white, I found it at diapers.com.

mad11The chair I found at Ikea, it’s not what I was originally thinking, something soft, cozy, white…but I sat in this and loved it. Done. The piece next to the chair and the dresser where thrifted.  Happy day!


The dresser was very dark but fantastic quality, so a bit of white paint = super cute dresser! Kiddo helped out too, with painting the space, she is a pro now that she helped paint her room you know.


So there you have it, Sneaky B’s Nursery. And now we wait… we are so excited for the day Sneaky B “pops on out of this tummy!”signature

Fascinating Fascinators

Friends of ours had an ace of an idea for their daughters party, A London Birthday Party.  Here in Davis we have the UCD bus line with a classic double decker from jolly old England, and you can rent it! Dog’s bollocks, what four year old doesn’t think that is cool! Not only was the party fun, we were asked to wear fascinators! FUN!

Of course we can’t just go and buy a fascinator here, well maybe but they are a pricey, and really it’s far more fun to just make it.  Shockingly enough, Magazine mom was also up for a bit of fascinator diy, so we got busy…well sort of.  Day one…we didn’t get anything done, well except for discussing how to rearrange E’s room. I am sure you have those days when you want to get creative, you have the time to be creative and no matter what you just can’t. So annoying, but we reconvened the next morning…while the girls were at school, perfect.

Oh and I have an issue with birds, I hate them.  Hate might be a really strong word here, but chickens, ducks, seagulls, robins, bluejays, if it’s a bird, it’s yuck.  From a far, okay I can handle it, but up close…NO. Fake birds, they really have to be cute and glittery, and a Christmas ornament.  So why was I thinking a bird fascinator – I don’t know.  And I found a cute red bird ornament (did I just say that) and that was it. Perfect. For the kiddo, a dark pink butterfly, shocking.

Now I have not been blogging as much as I want to be, so I am yet again rusty with the photo taking… but really this is simple. We had ribbons, rein-stones  glittery fake leaves, tule, cheap headbands, hot glue gun, birds, butterflies and flowers ornaments (these all had clips on the bottom that are “supposed” to clip onto the tree), and coffee. Time to get started.

IMG_5246 For my red bird fascinator I used some green ribbon and floral wire and made a basic loopy bow.  Made it fit around the bottom of the bird to make a nest using the floral wire at the center to wrap around the bird, hot glued a few of the glittery leave stems on, clipped it to the headband and ta-da, cute.  Pretty much the same thing for the kiddos dark pink butterfly.

The BFF’s with almost matching dark pink butterfly fascinators

IMG_5272Really, we should wear fascinators more often in this country, they are so fun! And if you use an ornament like I did, it can live on the tree until the next holiday party.