Glittered Acorns, oh my

In the park behind our home is a massive oak tree that has the most awesome acorns.  I collect them every year for the table during November.  This year I thought how about adding some sparkle (aka glitter).  For some reason I thought today would be a good thing to do it, probably because I was done cutting (I cut out 4 more jackets and 15 superhero capes), the kiddo has been acting weird all day (super quite and wanted to wear pajamas, if you know my kiddo you know this is weird!) Kiddo also wanted to do a project with Mommy and I want to get the Halloween decorations down and Thanksgiving decorations up. So why not, let’s get our glitter on, shall we?

Bowl of almost awesome acorns

This is super simple to do, takes about an hour, is messy, fun and somewhat annoying when you realize that this was the wrong day to include the kiddo, but hey the glitter almost matches the carpet!

Here is what I used, thrifted vintage glitter in a coppery-gold color, white glue watered down a bit, paint brush, small plastic container and acorns.

Add some of your glitter into the small container, this is to “help” contain the glitter and “help” little hands keep it somewhat contained.

Brush your acorn with the glue mixture.  I started off glittering the seed part, but after a few where done, I switched to glittering the caps, I like them much better.

Place the painted seed into the container of glitter and let the kiddo “gently” roll it around to get glitterized. This is where my “containment” plan failed, I think the container I used was a bit to small, one wobble and it was all over the floor.  I needed to vacuum anyway.

A bit of glue in the cap to stick it back in place, and it’s purrdy.  Kiddo and I decided to try glittering the cap of the next acorn and after that she said “Okay Mommy, you can continue doing this, I am going to go to London now to visit with the mermaids.” (okay three and half year old, whatever- quite crafting moment for me).

 About a half hour later I had finished. Aren’t they cute with the glittered cap?  I did end up brushing the seed part with the watered down glue too, it adds a little shine and protects them a bit.

Now I have a bowl of awesome glitterized acorns.  Have you ever glittered acorns?  Are you going to try it?  Maybe pinecones for December?  (Now I need to vacuum)

day 25: booth display~ signs, signs everywhere there’s signs

I must be a child of the 90’s because when ever I think of signs, I get the song “Signs” stuck in my head, actually I was in high school in the 90’s but anyway, signage in your booth is today topic.

Once a shopper holds an item, they are far more likely to buy it, therefore getting people into your booth is key.  This is where your booth design comes into play, but also as important are your signs.  Signs get shoppers to take notice and then interact with your products.  They convince shoppers to look more closely at your pieces and then buy them, and let’s face it, that is the main goal.

In the adverting world, signs are known as “silent salesmen.”  Signs send non-threatening, pressure-free messages to your customers. When signs are spot on, they will increase your sales.

So how do you make signs effective?

Appeal to the senses. Create a memory. Make shoppers see, touch, smell, or hear an object (in my world taste is not a sense that fits, but it might for you).  Plus, stating the obvious works well when trying to appeal to the senses.

“The softest blankets you will ever feel!” I bet you will want to touch the blanket to see if that’s true- ah you got a shopper not only in your booth, and to look up close to and touch your items, much more likely to sell that item. 🙂

Here is a list of “sensory” words that will attract attention:

  • Sight: dazzling, flashy, glittering, glowing, shimmering, twinkling
  • Sound: blare, cheer, roar, shriek, sizzle
  • Touch: cuddly, fluffy, softest, velvety
  • Smell: aromatic, fragrant, perfumed, spicy, sweet
  • Taste: delectable, gingery, refreshing, scrumptious, zesty

Funny thing, when working on the post, I searched and searched for images of signs that show what I am talking about and didn’t find much! I am sure they are out there, but I gave up.  Below are some images of signs that I find cute:

Cute way to display business name, clothes pins and glitter (memory and sparkles)
here the signs are constant in size and image
easy to see the prices here
cute diy way to make pricing signs, maybe another project to add to the to do list

As you can see, signage is important and adds one more thing to the to do list. For the Friday Tip this week I will be making a sign, I bet you can’t wait!

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A great article about signs “Boost your sales with effective signs” which appeared in the October 2009 issue of The Crafts Report.

day 6: scraps of vintage fabric

This morning I wanted to be creative and just play for a bit.  I have a bin full of vintage pillowcase, tablecloth and fabric scrapes that I have always wanted to do something with.  Lately the pennant flag banners have been everywhere and I love those, so I thought why not make one with the vintage scrapes.

a portion of the scrap collection

I drew a simple triangular shape and started cutting the scrapes, picking some of my favorite little bits.

cutting, cutting, cutting

About an hour of sewing, and I had a pile of pennant flags and decided the perfect thing to make them into a banner would be some vintage seam binding.  A few moments later and this is what I have.

part of the finished banner (this is really difficult to photograph)
close up


Cute! It is the starting point of my booth display, not sure what else will be going into my display or even how I am going to display my stuff but I am starting to get a blurry vision of what it will look like.  I will share that adventure soon!


Maybe I should make more of these to sell at the show too, what do you thing?

This isn’t working

Okay so in my mind working on all my projects was a breeze.  I would work for a few hours while Kennedy was at school, maybe an hour or two on the days she doesn’t have school, and put in a few hours in the evening.  No problem!

REALITY- this is not working! I can’t seem to get a hang of this.  Working on my projects, happened one day in the past week and a half.  There is no way I am going to make my deadlines like this.

So this morning I got up a little earlier than usual, thought I could get in all my email returning before everyone else got up.  I had five blissful minutes before Myles (our kitty) started jumping in my lap with feed me now eyes. Trying desperately to ignore him, I continued on.  The purring and head butting making me bonkers I gave in.  Small delay in emails, back to work…for five minutes. Everyone is up. It’s good, no big deal, I just have one important email to finish.  John is off to work, okay finish email.

“Kennedy please let me finish this, then I will get you some juice”

“Yes you can play with those, wait what are those, no you can’t have the post-it tags”

“I said, No Kennedy.  I just need a few seconds to get this email finished then I will get you juice.  Oh please don’t do that, Kennedy….”

Yep, not working out.

Why do I have three

For the past week I have been reorganizing, spring cleaning, re-doing all the rooms in our small home and getting ride of things we don’t need.  It’s probably been making my husband crazy, but he goes along with it, and I am almost certain that Kennedy is starting to take on my need to design, change and decorate.  (Today she spent the morning make christmas decorations and decorating the t.v.)

A few nights ago, when I could not fall back asleep after another night mare of Kennedy’s I was thinking “why do I have 3 different bolgs?” That really is a silly thing and no wonder I don’t blog as much as I want to.

So today instead of doing the thousand and one things I should have done, I spent most of the day updating and playing with wordpress.  I am by no means proficient at wordpress, put and slowly learning.  I hope this will make a big difference and will be jumping off point to truly, once and for all, get my “business” going.