“Let’s go shopping in the barn”

We are in Sebastopol for the weekend again, it is so relaxing and calm-ish here.  Today we, my mom, John, Kennedy, and I, did a trial run of setting up my booth space for the BIG craft show (27 days away!).  For those of you who are awesome and followed my 31 days to preparing for my first craft show, you saw my sketches for my booth space, for the rest of you, here is a link to the sketches.

“Let’s go shopping in the shed.”  My mom has a collection (yes collection) of shutters.   I would guess there were at least thirty shutter options at my beck and call. We found boards for shelves, baskets, frames for signage, so much stuff.

Being patient lounging on the outside sofa

The cute things were a little tricky, not in finding the cute containers, but deciding which ones to use, this was the tricky part.  My mom has TONS and TONS of super cute vintage baskets, vintage baby doll cradles, vintage satin handkerchief, jewelry and hose organizers, all things vintage, basically.

The most “difficult” part, was trying to find something to use as the “paying” stand.  Some sort of table, bookcase, cabinet that is tall enough to stand at, but small enough to fit into this super tiny booth.

“Let’s go shopping in the van” – laughing so hard I am crying, the van really? – nothing

“Let’s go shopping in the house” – yes! Found it, a small, tall five drawer cabinet, a pink-ish color, perfect. (It’s the piece on the right front, that’s the back side before I painted it- I went shopping in the tool room for paint).

Ta-Da! Here it is, the basics for the “The Vintage Princess by M.E.” booth! Let me tell you, 4 feet by 8 feet is SMALL! Holly cow. The good thing about this, I am feeling way better about my inventory amount, the bad, it’s so freaking small! So small.

close up of the “cute” stuff, vintage handkerchief holder, baby doll cradle and a super cute suitcase with christmas tree. And how fantastic is that chippy pale blue and green!?

Overall, I think the booth turned out exactly like I was hoping, it’s vintage, cute and perfect.  It was a fun day of “shopping,” giggling, cursing, working and sweating (who knew it would be 85 degrees in November!).  Back to sewing for me or maybe a cocktail. Cheers!

day 23: booth display~ sketches

After many evenings of “pinning” ideas for booth displays, and way to many hours thinking about what my booth should actually look like, I finally had to put pen to paper and sketch (at a board meeting, but don’t tell).  Many renditions later, and here is what I came up with

(Please excuse the wonky-ness, it’s been awhile since I have had to sketch)

I have decided to use vintage screens and/or doors for my “walls” with a shelf that wraps around two sides and hanging rods for the clothes on the left side.  The bookcase/table is where I will set up the payment “center” for receiving payments and packaging purchases.  The scalloped pieces around the top and at the shelf, will be made our brown crafting paper, come back Friday to see how it’s done.  Overall, I think the booth is open, vintage, clean and hopefully cute.

Now, the next part, thrifting all the pieces… good thing I can start at my favorite place to shop, my mom’s studio.

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day 21: booth display ~ inspiration

Craft show booth display seems like a science and therefore I am going to be chatting about this all week. Today some beautiful inspiration

Love the all white, always have, this is from a shop in Germany, even the thread looks cute
Vintage doors! What else can I say other than LOVE!!!
Loving the bookcase  and the burlap on the table,  this display is by Gingercake, her pieces are so cute and you can check them out here. Love the owls!
this display uses so many different heights, very smart and how cute is the lighting?
super cute way to display headbands, so going to be making this- you can find the tutorial here and here is the original post.

I could go on and on with inspiration photos of displays, or you could check out my display board on pinterest. Hopefully this has started you thinking about displays, I know my mind is swirling with ideas! And tomorrow, more about booth displays- I know you can’t wait!

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