day 28: 9 tips

I am getting so close to “the day” and we are getting close to the end of our 31 days, so I thought I should share some information about selling.  That is, how you “should act” and what you “should” have in your booth, which may help with sales.

Tip One: SMILE- seems like a no brainer, buy no matter what, you need to smile and be happy.  Remember you need to get people into your booth, to get close enough to see your work, if you look miserable, that will not happen.

Tip Two: STAND- as much as possible.  When you stand you are at a better advantage point to talk with customers.  Sitting down can send the wrong message like, “Don’t disturb me, I’m taking a break.”  We don’t want that to happen!  So wear comfy shoes and stand as much as you can.

Tip Three: ENGAGE NOT PUSHY!  Make sure you greet people who come into your booth, but make sure you pay attention to there body language, they might not want to chat.  Remember you are trying to make a good impression and keep people in your booth.

Tip Four: CREDIT CARDS- we have chatted about this before, make sure you accept them and show off those credit card stickers!

Tip Five: NO GOSSIPING- about other customers, other vendors, your annoying neighbors or that person at last weekend’s birthday party.  It gives a negative image. (We all gossip, if you don’t WOW, but this is not the place.)

Tip Six: SHARE- if a customer is looking at a piece, share a store about it, if they seem likely to listen and be interested.  Remember tip three- don’t be pushy!

Tip Seven: PRICE- Make sure you have all items priced and signs to show your prices.  Your customers will appreciate being able to figure out a price by themselves.

Tip Eight: BUSINESS- remember you are a business, have your signs and business cards visible.  Be organized and professional.

Tip Nine: BE YOURSELF- be genuine.  You are selling yourself here (not literally) but your art, your crafts, this is apart of who you are.  Be real.

Makes sense right.  It’s really not rocket science, just basics that are easy to forget.

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