Kiddos Art Display

For quite some time, we have had a wall in our dining room/entry were we display Kennedy’s art.  It started as an art rail and slowly moved to the wall with push pins.  A bit messy all the time, but we love seeing the artist in her all the time.  Something had to be done to fix the all the time messy look.

Off to a flea market for me and I found six not so beatiful framed “pieces of art” (I wish I had a photo, the after photo would have been great, next time).  All six for $5. I tossed the “art,” glass and all the dust.  Painted the frames in a one of our wall colors and hung them up.

Now we only display Kennedy’s art in these 6 frames.  It looks nice and clean and it’s super easy to change the art and she says it “our museum,” how cute is that.

Why do I have three

For the past week I have been reorganizing, spring cleaning, re-doing all the rooms in our small home and getting ride of things we don’t need.  It’s probably been making my husband crazy, but he goes along with it, and I am almost certain that Kennedy is starting to take on my need to design, change and decorate.  (Today she spent the morning make christmas decorations and decorating the t.v.)

A few nights ago, when I could not fall back asleep after another night mare of Kennedy’s I was thinking “why do I have 3 different bolgs?” That really is a silly thing and no wonder I don’t blog as much as I want to.

So today instead of doing the thousand and one things I should have done, I spent most of the day updating and playing with wordpress.  I am by no means proficient at wordpress, put and slowly learning.  I hope this will make a big difference and will be jumping off point to truly, once and for all, get my “business” going.