day 20: why didn’t I know this? (another tip)

Today I learned something fantastic! I can’t believe in all my years of sewing (let’s see I think I started sewing at 12 so 25 years- holly cow!) I didn’t know this or even think of this.

After you have sewn a button hole, comes the scariest part, the slicing of the opening. Oh I have destroyed so many garments because I cut just a bit to far and destroyed the button hole.  NOT anymore!

Place a pin at one end of button hole like this (like the practice button hole, with my new sewing machine, it’s a bit different, this one is funky, but I got it down now)
Use your seam ripper to slice open the button hole… see what is going to happen here, the pin will stop the seam ripper before disaster happens

Move the pin to the other side and repeat

Perfect button hole every time!

Love it, so simple, wish I had known this before!

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day 19: the friday tip~ cut once, sew once, repeat

A short but sweet tip this Friday, cut once, sew once, repeat.  Huh? What does that mean? Let me tell you

In normal crafting/sewing world, we make one thing at a time.  For example, find awesome piece of vintage fabric, and a pattern for a skirt.  Cut out fabric pieces, sew, done. Simple.  When preparing for a craft show, making lots of inventory, you could do it this way.  But I think it takes longer.  This is what I do (I might have mentioned this before by the way) spend a day cutting out as many skirts (or what ever) as I currently have fabric for.  All the pieces, are then grouped and stacked together in a tray.

Here I have twenty skirts cut out of vintage fabrics, with there handkerchief “apron” cut and ready.  The next steps, I will serge all the raw edges, hem the bottom, create the elastic casing at the top, put the elastic in and be done with twenty skirts all at once.  Just like that, I feel like you have created a ton of stuff, and I have.  I think it’s faster than cut one, sew one, repeat.

Here is what the Vintage Handkerchief Skirts look like when completed. This is Elle, Kennedy’s BFF, from many many moons ago.  So cute!

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31 days: Preparing for my first craft show

I have wonderful friends, and two of them are also starting their adventures in blogging.  Magazine Mom & Beautiful Objects are both taking on the challenge by The Nester, 31 days of blogs in October.  I thought why not, I could do that too.

After reading the challenge I immediately knew what my blogging theme would be.  I am working on getting ready for my first craft show, it’s in 8 weeks. So I am going to blog about all the craziness of preparing of my first craft show while being a mom, wife, June Clever want-to-be, school board member, and free-lance designer. (why not add one more thing into my to do list)

Follow me along on my adventures of sewing, cutting, creating, figuring out the business end, mishaps, melt downs, and pure stress of getting ready for a craft show.  It will be interesting!

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