okay… EEEEE

Okay so I didn’t make it on my 24 hours of no technology day. I almost did, but by 830 last night I needed (yes, needed) to just sit on the sofa with my laptop and a little Food Network on the boob tube. I will tell you, it was way more difficult than I thought it would be.  Makes me freak out a bit about how addicted I have become to the internet (okay mainly Pinterest).  Maybe I will try again sometime, but, hum…not for awhile.

However, the good side of the no technology day is how much stuff we got done around here. Really! Many projects have been started, (some I will share with you this month), the windows were cleaned, hubby cleaned his office space, kiddo helped me dust all the books (if you know us, you know this is no small task), I tried out a few new vegan recipes (will share those too) and we played Candy Land (a few too many times). WOW right!

EcrownSo here is one of the projects that I finally did yesterday.  I have always wanted to have a large “E” somewhere in our home.  A few weeks ago, on a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, with my mom and kiddo, I found this large E (roughly 24″) and this awesome crown. Now the “E” needed a bit of removal of “fluffy” stuff, that’s not for me.  So with a screw driver and some will power I popped off those beautiful gems and removed that lovely rusty metal circle thing.  Did a little sanding and re-painted the “E” in a satin black and hung it up.

Tricky to photograph this in our “entry hall”

Now I like it a lot. Like…not totally love. I am thinking it might need to be a limey green or a robins egg blue-ish.


Which would you choose? I would love to know, I am just not totally sure, although I am leaning towards…. Well I am not going to tell you, I really want to know what you think first.

This is day 7 of "Improving our little world in 31 days" you can read them all here
This is day 7 of “Improving our little world in 31 days” you can read them all here