day 30: the BIG day check list

We are winding down the 31 days to preparing for my first craft show, so today let’s fast forward to the few days before the show.  Your inventory is pretty big, you probally don’t think it is so you are spending long nights making more stuff.  You booth is designed, you have practiced setting it up and it’s ready to go.  You know what you are going to wear.  You are set.

There is one list left to create, The BIG day checklist.  That is, what should you bring with you in your “tool box” for lack of a better word.  Maybe it should be “The BIG day kit” (hmmm maybe an upcoming kit for sale?). I have ask my sources and consulted my favorite books and have complied the list, so here you go:

Oye this is a ton more stuff to shove into the car, but well worth it! Hopefully this collection of stuff will save the day for you or your crafting neighbor.

This is the second to last post in 31 days to preparing for my first craft show, you should read them all