day 16: Oh how I love projectile…

sick1Vomit….ya not really.  I think it must happen to all parents at one time or another. The kiddo is playing, turns around and projectile vomits right into your lap. Stunned at the fact that 1. your kiddo seemed perfectly fine five seconds ago and 2. you are now covered in vomit, you can’t move for a few seconds. Kiddo starts crying and saying she has “exploded” you come back to the current situation and waddle with her to the bathroom carefully not to drop any of the vomit on the carpet (newly cleaned I might add).  As you are saying, “It’s okay honey, do you need to throw up anymore” you are slowly breathing, focusing on anything in the world that does not remind you that you are covered with gross, knowing that any minute you will vomit from the pure fact that you are covered in vomit.

Okay, you get the idea, it’s been an interesting evening. That being said, I have to declare an improvement in my world! Before kiddo, just the discussion of vomit, barf, throwing up would have caused me to pray to the porcelain bowl pronto.  Not today! Not sure I should be proud of this improvement, but I am.  I know this entry is possibly grossing you out, but I know you like to read about what is really going on in my world. And since the vomiting continues, all projects for the evening are, obviously, on hold, bleaching everything in the living room is now top priority.

Fingers crossed, tomorrows improvement will be of the fun canvas I have almost finished painting, not gross at all.