PR packets…finally

There is nothing like getting away for the weekend to get my creative juices finally flowing again.  Happy day!!

One of the many to do items that has been haunting me for months is to make a PR packet to advertise Vintage Princess by ME to baby boutiques in the area. Good idea right?  I my mind I was going to do this after my first craft show, so I could have my inventory selling is shops and on etsy.  Well, it’s two and a half months later and I am finally doing it.

PRSo I made a “post card” with images of the clothes, letterhead, envelops and labels. It didn’t take forever or cost a small fortune. Double score!

shopcard_4blogThe card turned out super cute, didn’t it?  I am in the process of editing a form like letter, well let’s be real- the proofreading hubby is editing my letter, to introduce myself and my work. Then off the packets will go and we wait and see what happens.  I figure someone will like my work or not, but I am trying and that’s what matters.

I am going to make one showcasing my furniture and cabinetry design too and send it out.  Why not, I would love to get back into that world too.


5 years

dadHow can it be 5 years? Somedays it seems like yesterday, other days is seems like years, that my dad lost his battle with cancer (Multiple Myeloma to be exact).  As one of the last things he said “Cancers a bitch” and it’s true. Those of us who have lost loved ones knows what I am talking about. It sucks to watch someone you love fight. It makes me mad somedays, it makes me sad more often. I miss him daily.

Today, 5 years later, I thought I should focus on the good, which was pretty much all my life, minus the last year with my dad here. My parents had a wonderful loving relationship and I feel honored to have been raised in this environment. We, my brother and I, were spoiled in a sense, by experiencing their relationship as their kids.

My dad was the one who always, I mean always, had at least one joke to tell, usually one that offended at least one class of people. I can still hear his laugh, the kind of delayed laugh, ha ha…..ha ha….ha

He was one who treated friends like family. “The first time you are at my home, you are a guest, after that you are family.”  But if you crossed him or his family, forget it- your out.

Now that I have a kiddo, I remember many childhood moments, watching the Muppet show, playing soccer, camping, working on the house. You name we did it. When the movie “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” came out, we watched it together. One day, we were driving somewhere and at a stop sign he jumped out of the car and did the “excellent” guitar movement from the movie. My brother and I almost died of embarrassment.  Today I think about that and giggle…waiting for the moment when I can embarrass our kiddo.

It’s odd writing this, it’s hard. What to share, what I can write about without crying to much. It’s taken me a few days to get this far, there is so much I want to share and so much I want to just keep in my heart and mind. Oh I know….

When my brother and I were older (probably 13 & 10-ish??) my mom said she was done cooking dinner every night (I totally get this now!) and so it was dad’s turn on weekends. At first we wouldn’t eat until midnight, he making one thing at a time, not a multi-tasker at all.  Slowly dinner got earlier and earlier, we celebrated when we ate at 9pm! There was one green bean and cayenne pepper incident.  I have know since them that cayenne pepper doesn’t smell, so that means not to add extra because it might be old… holly cow those green beans burned!  Really really burned.

As I got older, hanging became even more fun. Hubby and I would drop by on a Saturday evening, have a few cocktails with my parents, make dinner and just chill. Good times.

All this being said, I, we my family and everyone my dad befriended, are the lucky ones. We had “big Murph” in our lives. It was too short, but we are lucky to have had him for the time we did.

My favorite, an Eskimo Proverb… (unsure who designed this image, if you know please let me know so I can give credit)

Lobsters & zzzzz

So if you are a parent, when did your baby start to sleep though the night?  I don’t know your answer, but I can tell you, you are lucky! Our kiddo just turned four and I can count the number of times she has slept though the night on one hand.  We have experienced all the big “sleep” issues: terrors (these suck), nightmares, and sleep walking…awesome.

The “normal sleeping” routine in our house is, kiddo wakes up at least twice, first between midnight and one- walking into our room and scarring the crap out of me, you would think I would be used to this by now, but having a little face 3 inches from yours just starring is startling. I take her hand, walk her to her room, she lays back down and is sound asleep in five seconds, me, it takes at least twenty minutes. The second occurrence is between three and four, when the “Lobsters are going to get me” happens.

lobsterOkay, why our kiddo is scared of lobsters is beyond me, granted they are not cute and cuddly, but really, lobsters.  It’s for sure not the normal four year old night time fear, but that’s our kiddo, there are lobsters in her room and in the walls. We have talked to her many times about lobsters, they don’t live here, etc. she says she knows that, but…. She is actually trembling when she comes screaming, running to our room with the lobsters chasing her, defiantly scared, and not just a habit. Taking her back to her room, calming her down, she gets cozy and is falling asleep while I am thinking maybe this night, the next step won’t happen… no such luck.

Five minutes later, she is in our room, with all the sleeping essentials: pillow, pok-a-dots blanket, blanks and various important stuffed animals of the moment, spreading her blankets on the floor next to me and falling asleep. At first this was okay. It makes it difficult for hubby to get ready for work in the morning, but it’s a phase.  This phase and nightmare has been occurring for at least six months now… time for a different plan, but what?

IMG_4596I started thinking about where her bed is in her room.  We have turned her closet into a princess bed, by putting her bed into the closet. Pretty cute right? She loves it, but maybe this is part of the problem?  We started to really pay attention to the noises in her room, we live in an apartment and the upstairs neighbors pipes go between her closet wall…ah maybe the lobsters “are real”. At this point we will try anything, so it’s time for a little furniture rearranging, mainly moving the bed, and we will see what happens.

bedtrialLast night was the first night of our “Bed Relocation Trial”. She did get up four times, all four times for help blowing her nose (she has a pretty bad cold). But she did not come to sleep on our floor!  The lobsters had left the building. And she slept in! She, for her, had a good nights sleep.

I don’t want to jump up and down yet and say this is the solution, but I can’t help think, just maybe, this might help. Oh man, could it have been this easy, probably not. Moving the bed won’t stop the night terrors or sleep walking, but it might help the nightmares, one out of three….we will take it!

Do you have kiddos who have sleep issues? What have you tried?  I would love to know that we are not alone in the beautiful world of sleep issues.signature