She’s here!

2weeks2.1Sneaky B has arrived!  She arrived on her due date August 11 at 2:37 in the morning.  She is perfect in every way and we are over the moon to have her in our lives. Ahh….

Let me tell you, “fast” pregnancy- means fast deliver, at least once you get into active labor, for me. We, Hubby and I, spent 39 hours waiting for the inducing medications to get me into labor…after the 36th hour had past with barely a contraction, I was mentally over it. Done. Let’s go home.

We decided to wait and see what happened over night, so one more dose at 10:30pm of the medication they were giving me to induce labor (not Pitocin! happy day!).  Before this final dose we were able to go outside and walk around a bit in the birthing garden.  Hubby and I saw a shooting star, and I knew right then and there this was going to work, Sneaky baby will be coming tonight. And Happy day i was right!

I finally started having contractions and by 2am I was in full labor, 2:10 my water broke, 2:20 I was at 6cm and asking for an epidural (didn’t think I would ever ask for one, I hate the thought of needles in spines) there was no time for that anyway, 2:30 I was at 10cm and ready. Sneaky B was born 7 minutes later. Beautiful!


I remember saying to Hubby, my mid-wife and the nursers five minutes afterwards “Oh my god do I feel better now” and then looking at Hubby and our little Sneaky B “I am NEVER doing that again”

kiddosneakybIt’s been two weeks now, we can’t imagine life without our little Sneaky B. Kiddo is a fantastic big sister, of course she has her moments, but she is awesome. It’s been a crazy “short” pregnancy and we would not change a thing, we are thrilled to be a family of four.signature

almost there!

Look at this huge belly!

Six days to go…to the due date that is. I can’t even believe it. The last few days have been interesting to say the least. With the ever surging emotions and the thoughts of possibly being induced early, I have been handling it as best that I can.

Why you ask might I be induced early? Well, Sneaky B is giving me high blood pressure, not always, but sometimes and not high enough to be considered preeclampsia but high enough to go have testing twice a week.  It’s all good, I will do what ever is best for me and baby, even if that is collecting urine for 24 hours and peeing into a dixie cup twice a week. By the way, every time I do this I “barf up” as Kiddo says…delightful yes?

Then there is the “comfort” of being almost 10 months pregnant (if you haven’t been pregnant before, it’s not 9 months like everyone says…40 weeks is 10 months friends. 10 months!).  Those of you with kids know what I am talking about I am sure. The “comfort” of sleeping at night.  The moaning when you sit or stand or move or not move.  Leaking of all parts of your body. GROSS…

How about a few tears when Kiddo says “Mommy I don’t want you to stay overnight at the hospital” and realizing that this will be the first time I am not at home with Kiddo all night. Why is that? Wow she’s four and a half and I have never spent a night away from her, is that possible?  It is. I’m not sure this is okay.  Hubby has but only because of work and maybe only twice.  Note to self: When Sneaky B is old enough Hubby and I need a weekend away!

Since we have been hanging low lately, I have been able to nest like no bodies business, and I have also been able to think of a few more hindsights.  You know things that should have maybe been signs that I was pregnant (read this is you don’t know our story)

  • In December we went to a super fun birthday party (Kiddo’s social life) where we rode in a double decker bus and wore super fun fascinators, I felt so car sick on that bus, it took everything I had not to get sick…
  • In January and February Hubby and I were working out every evening together and I could not do one stinking sit up. Not one!  Hindsight…there was a baby growing in that belly!
  • The mysterious flu I had in February, the one where I has throwing up daily, but had no other systems…hello Molly!
  • I can specifically remember my aunt Anita saying to me in early February that my skin was “glowing.” My reaction, “Thanks, ever since we became vegan my skin has been really clear”… LOL

And I am feeling the need to share some of the “delightfulness” of pregnancy, like:

  • When your belly is so big, you feel like a contortionist going to the bathroom
  • You are a pro at peeing in a small dixie cup
  • Having no energy to play with Kiddo in the afternoon so you hang out watching Disney Jr for hours and you realize you actually enjoy this (oye I need to get out!)
  • The above is making you cry while writing this part of post, poor Kiddo is watching way to much tv
  • You don’t mind standing still anywhere holding your belly while having a “false” contraction
  • You can’t keep your hands off your belly, really you can’t
  • You don’t mind getting weighed at the doc anymore, because your belly covers the numbers up 🙂
  • You leak…

I could go on and on, but that will get boring and this is already a bit of a rant.  I must say I am really truly so excited to be having another baby. It’s been a whirlwind for sure, four and a half months of knowing your pregnant and it’s basically time, but we are so happy and can’t wait to meet our little Sneaky B any day now.  Sorry this was a little more TMI than my norm and all about baby business, but it’s our world right now.  Happy day!signature

Shock and Ah!

Alright, there is some serious larger power playing a major role in our lives right now.  Want to know why?


I’m pregnant!

Holly Hell!  Do you notice the due date in photo…AUGUST! Yes that’s right friends, I am due August 22, 2013…Know what that means, I am already 22 weeks pregnant  and I only found out 4 days ago. OMG.  I must say, I am now very excited, although still quite shocked. I feel like I could be on that tv show “I didn’t know I was pregnant”, which for the record, I am sorry to all those women who I laughed at while watching thinking “they are insane, how could you not know!”

We had decided over a year ago that we were going to be the one family with one kid. We laughingly joke that Kiddo is like having two kids some of the time. And it took we quite some time to be completely happy about this choice.  Things change, instantly.

How did this happen and how could I not know!? Well, let’s see. First the “big” sign of thinking your preggers (aka your monthly visit) was there. Every month, like clock work, until this month.  I didn’t experience any morning sickness, which with kiddo I had everyday until she was born! I did gain a few pounds which was making me crazy, I didn’t know why. Oh and then there is the little fact that I was taking the pill. hello!

Now in hindsight  I can see a few signs, that had I not had my monthly visit, I would have thought something was up.  I was super tired in January. In my mind I thought I had just launched my little business Vintage Princess by ME in early December and then there was prepping for Christmas. So of course I would be tired and want to lounge around reading in the afternoon for an hour or two maybe even three. I have had a super sensitive nose, I can smell everything and anything. Didn’t really think anything of it, until now. That microscopic piece of broccoli left in the sink from dinner last night, I can smell it before I walk into the kitchen. And then there is my craving for cheese. I didn’t understand, why my vegan self wanted to eat cheese even though it stinks so bad. Now I get it and I had cheese yesterday, oh my it was delicious, stills smells but so tasty. I am sure there where other signs, but these are the three that come to mind, when I can think clearly.

The last few days have been an absolute whirlwind. Basically, Thursday I took a home test—OMG! Friday I went to the doctor (I convinced them to take me earlier than they would have normally) and when I heard “Oh honey you are much farther along than you think” I became a total “sailor” and swore at my doctor “There is no F*@*ing way!” “Your F*^@ing lying” I am sure there was more, I don’t remember. (Again Doc, I am really sorry).  I saw in the ultrasound a little baby, the head, the profile, arms, legs, everything. It was a total out of body experience. Then came the tears and hyperventilating… Happily the doctor said everything looks great and right on track for 22/23 weeks pregnant. By the time I left the doctors office I was feeling relieved that nothing I had been doing could have harmed the baby.  Very thankful for that!

I thought I gave Hubby a heart attack when I said “Well yes I’m pregnant  but I am already 22/23 weeks along! 4 months!!! We are having a baby.” There was complete silence for a minute or two on the other line, I kept repeating hubby’s name, finally he took a large breath and said “F*@#!”  Okay I didn’t kill him.

By Saturday morning, I was feeling giddy and still shocked and I started feeling the baby moving around in there. Wow, that was fast, I haven’t even processed any of this and the baby is moving and I can feel it. I wonder what I would have thought was going on if I didn’t know yet… I would be scared for sure.

It’s been a few more days now, all our family and friends know, and we are all excited. Kiddo can’t wait.  Hubby is still shocked but I think he is happy too.  I can honestly say I have heard “OMG,” “Are you F*@$ing kidding me” and “What!? I thought you guys were done” more than ever before.  I think about this little “stealthy baby” and giggle, I think it’s the shock…pretty sure it’s the shock.

The good news is, this pregnancy is going to fly by! We are already half way there. With in the week we will find out if it’s a boy or girl. He he…crazy.  And of course in classic “Murphy’s law” form we gave away the very last of the baby gear about a month ago.  I guess there is quite a bit of shopping, thrifting and projects to be done, bummer. LOL

Anyway, that’s our world of the moment.  Life is crazy that’s for sure. We will now be a family of four and I am very happy about that. We will make it work, we always do. Sorry Hubby, I know you don’t like that saying, but it’s true. Off to get some cheese, my vegan self is thinking that sounds pretty good right about now.signature