Autumn is in the air…FINALLY

We are so fortunate to live in California, the weather has been amazing lately.  Annoyingly so.  Don’t get me wrong, warm sunny days are fantastic, but when it’s November I don’t want 83 degrees.  I want jeans, sweaters, boots! Today it was chilly, windy and raining, awesome.  Our afternoon was spent inside (shocking I had to sew) kiddo watching a movie, munching real popcorn (aka not microwaved) and my need to add a bit of Autumn decorations.

As you know, we glittered acorns the other day and Kiddo made these awesome leaves at pre-school.  “Mommy, we need to display my leaves in my gallery.” Of course they needed to be displayed, but how?  Think, think, think… taking down the last of the Halloween decorations this evening, I figured it out!  I have a large simple black frame that had a spider web in it, and I thought there has to be a way to hang the leaves in the frame.

Thread and tape! A little tape to hold the thread on the back of the frame, a bit of tape to hold leaf in place; how easy is that! It took about 5 minutes and looks perfect! I am sure there are many “better” ways to do this, but it got the job done and if I didn’t tell you how I did it, I don’t think you would guess thread and tape- would you?

Pretty leaves, glitter acorns, an awesome turkey painting by kiddo (his head the small green blob on the left) and a piece of vintage orange and blue paper framed (thank you Ashley for mentioning that you did this today) brilliant!  Now for a cup of tea and my evening work basket.