Sprinklings- 31 days completed!

halloweenI’m freaking exhausted.  Oh wait, where are my manners- happy Halloween!
Is it just me? Halloween is exhausting.  Maybe it was just this year, maybe it’s because it was the first one with two children,  or maybe because we packed a lot into one afternoon.  Lets not say its because I’m getting old- k.

Have I ever mentioned that I love our town. There are many reasons why, like today when almost all of the businesses downtown open there doors for trick-or-treaters. It’s a great way to get out in the afternoon to trick-or-treat, see many many people that you know, let the kids get a sugar high and then total melt down all in two and half hours. Way too much candy of course, but the awesomeness two coupons for free ice creams and we won Kiddo free Karate classes (yes!). Then we carved our pumpkins (remind me that we should do this earlier next year) and then went out trick-or-treating, again, in our neighborhood with friends. A lot of fun in one afternoon, probably a bit too much, but hey everyone is asleep but me and it’s only 830 🙂

Like today, the 31 day challenge – “sprinklings of my reality,” I chatted about a lot different topics or events. From creating costumes, to lentils and even pee & poop, truly it is my reality and I hope you enjoyed it and much as I do.

Stick around though, just because this challenge is over, i will still be here blogging away, not everyday! but I will have more to share. signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality is a 31 days of October challenge…read them all here.

Sprinklings: the “candy queen”

A few days ago I gave you a sneak peek of the costume I made for Kiddo. Remember this pic:

candyqueen1Ten yards of tulle (I used the 102″ wide tulle) in many colors, ribbon, crown ornaments, crocheted stretch band thing, and plastic candy garlands from a few christmas’ ago. And after a few hours it turned into this


The Candy Queen! We found inspiration all over pinterest for this costume, although they where all candy princesses. Kiddo wanted to be a Queen. I’m not sure how the costume would be different to be a princess, but to her it’s a Queen.

All in all this was the easiest costume I have made for Kiddo so far. It’s one of those big bang for your buck kind of things. Yes it took a few hours, but really it was simple… oh and for all of you who don’t know how to sew (we need to fix that) this is a no sew costume.

Taking measurements: I had Kiddo put on the band thing (which becomes the top of the dress) I folded over two inches at the top to create a little extra support for the straps, then measured from her belly button to the floor. Kiddo measured 24″, so this is my final length for the tulle strips.

candyprincess_stripsFirst thing to do is to cut all your tulle into 4″ strips. Very Important! – DO NOT UNFOLD THE TULLE! Keep it folded how is was on the bolt when you bought it, then fold it in half again along the length, and in half again. After folding you will have a piece of tulle that is the length of bought (1 or 2 yards) by roughly 6 to 10 inches. (In other words, when you are folding, you are folding the width to become 6 to 10 inches). This way when you cut your strips they will 1. be so much easier to cut and 2. will end up being 4″ by 102″ (or the width of the tulle you purchased). As for the length, I used 48″. (Why? because then folded in half the will be 24″ and that is the length of the skirt I needed for Kiddo.) Carefully stack each color of tulle, now unfolded, and cut through all of it to create the length (bottom left photo above).


Next, and for the next few hours, fold one tulle strip in half (lengthwise) put fold through one hole in the bottom row of the band and pull through a few inches, this creates a loop. pull the ends of the tulle through that loop and pull tight. Repeat, to create the first row. On my first three rows, skipped every other hole in the band. The last row, I added tulle in each hole in the band. Tips for this portion: 1. put the band around something solid (I used a game box) to keep it slightly stretched and 2. make sure you stay in the same row of holes on the band.

candyprincess3After awhile you will have a super full tulle skirt attached to the band top. Then we added ribbon as straps and tied a bow at the shoulder. (Add the ribbon the same way as the tulle but at the top, on front and back). I also added a ribbon around the band to “stitch” the folded portion down. Simply weave the ribbon through the holes and tie a bow in the front.

Next we took candy garland apart and used the pieces as beads and made three new necklaces…easy peasy.

candyprincess4Lastly we made a fascinator, of course. By gathering some scraps of tulle, beading some left over “beads” from the garland and attaching the crown ornament all to a head band, we had the perfect candy queen fascinator.

candyqueen2Right before the halloween parade at school today we had a crown change. The fascinator “is not big enough.” Luckily I had an extra crown ornament and headband to make a big crown. All in all this is one of my favorite costumes for Kiddo- it is so her. Happy Halloween friends! signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality is a 31 day challenge…one day left!

Sprinklings: pee, poop and moonshine

Let me tell you- today was a doozy. And not because of my children -well the poop was mine- i mean the babies – which makes it all okay, but I seriously have to share.

Kiddo goes to a co-operative pre-school in town, which means once a week I have the privilege of working in the class. (I’m pretty sure I have talked about this before). So today should have been a normal Tuesday, got up, get the girls dressed, went to the market, came home, unloaded, dropped off Sneaky B with a wonderful friend, went to preschool with Kiddo. Normal Tuesday…but like I said, it wasn’t!

Let’s see, five minutes before leaving (this always happens right before you have to leave) to drop off Sneaky B, she exploded. NOT her, but the diaper. Poop everywhere! How does one tiny little baby make so much poop? And why the hell does it explode out of their little bottoms? It was everywhere! All over her, forget about the cute outfit- I’m sure it’s stained beyond usable.  All over her rocking/bouncy chair- happily I can wash that too. And of course you have to do the crazy moves to get the baby out of the outfit without spreading the poop all over the changing table, the baby or yourself. I scored here, no more spread out poop! Point for me.

So we drop off Sneaky B a bit late and therefore get to preschool a few minutes late to discover we have switched locations (each parent works in a certain area for a few weeks then we switch). No problem, but I have bathroom duty. Should be fine I think, they are all 4 & 5. They are all potty trained, i wont have to help with any wiping. I had a hard time wiping my own kid, don’t really want to wipe others offspring. Nope. Two not one but two of the kids have accidents. I know it happens but really? Twice? So after finding my “don’t toss my cookies inner power” I helped out both kids. No problem, especially after washing my hands 20 times. Nothing else could happen now right, I have dealt with nasty poop and now other kids pee…wrong. (I know better to think this way too, I was born a Murphy, so Murphy’s law follows me everywhere).

Final circle of the day. All the kids are sitting around singing a song with the teacher; it’s all good and happy. One of the girls is having a hard time sitting still (normal) and she starts to stand up and adjust her clothes, like she was uncomfortable or something. Well, that would have been great. But she stands all the way up, turns around, pulls down her pants and full on moons everyone. I mean full moon. The adults where bug-eyes and in total shock for what seemed like forever, although it was probably 5 to 10 seconds, the kids went quite. The teacher jumped up, saying “you can’t do that” which broke the adult bug eyes and we all went into action helping the teacher. The girl is screaming that she doesn’t want to leave school, the teacher is remaining clam and saying sorry you have too… Amazingly the kids just all sat there, no laughing or anything.  It was all over in about one minute but what the hell?

I am still so dumbfounded. I can’t believe that happened. Sure does put the pee and poop down there on the “normal” range of a day I guess. I can’t help but think “thank god it wasn’t my kid”.  It sure is going to make school a little awkward tomorrow.

I said I was going to be sharing Sprinklings of my reality, and this was double chocolate sprinkles on a cupcake with a shot of moonshine kind of day signature


Sprinklings: I’m slightly obsessed

So are you a “pinner”? I sure am. For those of you not in the know… I am talking about Pinterest. I have been thinking of writing about pinterest for awhile now, wasn’t really sure I was going to write because what can I say other than it is a time suck that I do enjoy. And I have been wanting to challenge you all to a Pinterest Challenge (more on that in a bit).

Today I realized I have 91 boards and 3,419 pins. I think Electronic hoarder is a better title for me. The good here is that I do reference my “vegan for life” board for recipes all the time. And the “to do one day” board- well I actually have done about 20% of them. “Boo” has given me a lot of ideas for this Halloween and I am looking forward to this Christmas to try some of the new ideas I have pinned there. (Sorry for the mention of Christmas- won’t happen again till after Thanksgiving…my personal rule).

The not so good…there are so many other things I want to try. I’m sure I am not alone here right? For me, lately, the only way to get anything done is to challenge myself and tell everyone I’m going to do it…nothing like a little peer pressure. So I challenge you to…if your game.
The challenge is pick 3 pins from 3 separate boards and complete them by December 20, 2013. Are you game?
Here is what I chose, this wasn’t easy by the way- but I am happy with my choices:

3CollageTo find links to these awesome projects, you can go to my VP 3 Challenge Board.

So if you are game, let me know. Send me pic’s of your projects and I will post your completed projects. Maybe you would like to write a guest post, I am game for that too. signature

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Sprinklings: the “tunnel”


So we have a tunnel in our home. Of course it’s not a real tunnel, but Kiddo has always called it her tunnel. It’s the space between the wall and the back of the sofa that was created when we added a sofa table using floating shelves.

When Kiddo was little she would crawl through the tunnel and we would chase her in and out of the tunnel. Now days she likes to go into her tunnel to have a quite moment, when she is sad or she is hiding because she is in trouble. She spends a little bit of time in her tunnel every day.

A few days ago, I decided it was time to vacuum under the sofa, so I moved it and was SHOCKED! HOLY HELL LOOK WHAT SHE DID!


Was she channeling the Lascaux cave painters or something?  I am not even sure what to do about this. And so you don’t think I am totally oblivious to what is going on in my own home, this is what it looks like when sitting on the floor facing the tunnel

tunnel2You can’t see the drawings at all, they start about 3 feet into the “tunnel” and cover the entire back!

What do I do? I talked to her about it. Mainly asking why on earth she would do something like this and her answer: “Because I needed to make it beautiful” After explaining to her, that I do appreciate her need to make things beautiful (like me) but she couldn’t draw of the sofa. It’s unacceptable.

Today, I keep thinking of this moment, was this a moment that shows us her future self? Is she going to grow up to be an artist? Maybe a muralist? I can’t help be a little proud of her (DON’T TELL HER). She knows she wants to be surround by things that make her comfortable and beautiful, how can I be mad about that?

I am still p.o’ed about the back of the sofa. Does anyone have any sofa cleaning tips? I am pretty sure we (Kiddo included) are in for a long day of scrubbing. signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality is a 31 days of October challenge…only 4 more to go

Sprinklings: making dollars, for real

First up, I actually intended to post this yesterday, I thought i did. So this morning when I saw that no one had read or commented I was shocked and saddened.  Then I realized I didn’t publish it…mommy brain- yes. Then maybe it was not mommy brain but the stomach flu that I discover I had two hours later while praying to the porcelain god. Being sick sucks. You know what sucks even more, trying not to barf on your 10 week old baby while you are nursing and realize you have to run to the loo. Pure awesome.

So here you have it, yesterdays post which is now todays…triple checking I pushed publish this time.


Yep it was time kiddo has some chores around here. So two weeks ago we sat down and made a list of simple chores she needs to do daily to earn two dollars every week. Money motivation- YES! Plus we sweetened the deal. There are extra chores to earn more money.

Never ones to actually have cash on hand I made these dollars (yes I guess we can add counterfeiter to my list of projects) that she can turn in when she earns enough for what ever item is important at the moment.  Pretty ingenious I think. Plus cute!

chores_blogI made a cute chat to print up once a week.  Kiddo is not a fan of sitting at the dining table to have dinner. And honestly we haven’t been doing it much lately, and I don’t like that. But with Hubby at school many nights and Sneaky B, it’s just fallen off the radar. So it’s time to bring it back. We decided that Friday nights are family movie night so “being American” is a must and that makes Kiddo happy. Now she can earn one more night of eating while watching a show with a random chore. So far- we haven’t “been American” on an extra night.

And you know what so far so good, she has earned her four dollars for the two weeks plus an extra dollar.  Who knew the girl likes to wash windows (aka the glass slider).

The plan is once she has done this for a bit, unacceptable behavior will cost her, literally.  Maybe sassing will be fifty cents, whining a quarter and drawing on the furniture (yes we have this issue- I will share another day) will cost her a dollar.

Now that the plan is in place I need to follow through. Those that know me know this is a weak point, but I need to change to stay sane. (OH that sounds like a future post). signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality is a 31 day challenge…read them all

Sprinklings: eek seven days away

Oh my! How can Halloween be in a week? Needless to say I have been knee deep in tulle, glitter and baby spit up all day working on Kiddo’s costume. I’m not going to share what she is going to be, but I will give you a hint:

candyqueen1Any guesses? And now that Sneaky B is snoozing again, off to cut some more tulle…signature

sprinkling(wow this is a short post, pretty much a cheat for the 31 day challenge, but I posted!)

Sprinklings: 4 1/2 years apart ~ identical twins?

2months_girlsCollageI might have been delusional for the past two months; everyone was telling me that Kiddo and Sneaky B looked exactly the same. I didn’t see it. Not a bit. Until today, almost.

My mom is visiting (we are working on a new business-Pink Floor Studio) and she was insisting the girls look the same. So I pulled out the pics and Holy hell are they the same or what? Maybe not perfectly identical, but really close. What do you think?

Looking at more pictures both girls look like Hubby’s dads baby picture too. Strong genes…I think yes! By the way- check out this picture. WOW Hubby’s great grandma was a serious chick huh? The great grandparents immigrated to San Francisco from Kars, Russia (now part of Turkey) in the early 1920’s. We have been learning a lot about their journey and life lately, maybe I’ll share more one day.


Genes are funny, you never do know what you’re going to get. It is pretty amazing how similar our girls are, so far. We can already tell some of their differences, the biggest one being sleep. Kiddo has never been a good sleeper (like me) and Sneaky B is sleeping nine to ten hours straight at night already (like Hubby).

sisters2CollageNot really sure the point of this post other than I love these girls like crazy! Whether they are four and a half years apart twins or just very similar sisters, I am so very grateful they chose us to be their parents. signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality is a 31 day annual challenge, read them all

Sprinklings: changing it up….again

Do you like the new look? (New header & background for those who haven’t noticed)

I must be procrastinating… not sure what I am supposed to be doing instead (well I do but let’s pretend I don’t for now). Never being totally happy with my “logo” I decided this morning was the day to change it all. And I love it!

Here is the new business card, you can compare and see the old one here

VPcard2013finalNow I am finally inspired to get this going again…I took almost a year off. That’s a shame, but i guess I was busy growing a baby 😉 signature

sprinklingPart of a 31 day series, Sprinklings of my reality