day 17: hang tags…oye

Hang tags.  Like business cards (that I talked about before) hang tags are another little bit of eye candy to attach to your items so people know price, care, who made it, etc.  I have been pinning inspirational hang tags for awhile on Pinterest (oh boy is that a time waster and love) and have designed my hang tags. Happy day~ sort of.

Why my mind thinks it’s a good idea to create something that involves more cutting and sewing, I don’t know.  Probably because when I was making the few examples today it was simple and they turned out so cute.  But tonight, reality… I have to actually SEW my hang tags, hundreds of them. Really Molly.  Let’s add more sewing and cutting to the to do list.  Here we go:

Vintage fabric scraps
cut piles of scraps, cards, and business name (this photo turned out on the yuck side)
sewing, sewing, sewing (yes, you can sew card stock)
back side of hang tag, shows item & size where I will write descriptions, washing instructions and on the right side, the item number and price (this portion will but cut off when a piece is sold)
finished hang tags!

A great way to use up all those vintage scraps I can’t toss and I think they are cute, hope you like them

*day 17 is more than half way to 31 days of preparing for my first craft show, read all the days here