day 30: improve gratitude

100_2038Growing up, my daddy’s best friends was Sherman. John Sherman to be proper, but we knew him as Sherman.  He was an awesome man and I can’t watch the 49ers play without thinking of him.  In fact he and my daddy used to get each other the “tackest 49ers supplies” they could find for Christmas.  I am remembering 49ers toilet paper at this moment.

Anyway, Sherman used to say “Have an attitude for gratitude.” Not sure if the saying comes from someone else, maybe it’s “famous,” to me it’s Sherman.  And I think it speaks volumes.  On this journey of improving our little world, I think it is important to have an attitude for gratitude.

I am very grateful for all we have. All the people in our lives.  But how often do we show and talk about how grateful we are for the people around us. I know I don’t, other than my family. But there are so many people we interact with daily, weekly that really should know that we are grateful for what they bring to our lives. Case in point for today, teachers.

Kiddo goes to a fantastic pre-school and her teachers are awesome.  They are the most caring, loving, playful women I think I know, at least in this town.  Kiddo adores them both. Why haven’t we, or I, told them we are grateful for there presence in kiddos life?  Well, today that changed.

IMG_5897We made these super cute button flower bouquets for them both. My mom, of course, is the one who came up with this super cute idea (in my world). They are so cute and different. Super easy to make too. Vintage buttons and S or P shakers, and some wire is all you need. Kiddo helped pick out the buttons, being very specific about what colors were right for each teacher. She even helped thread the buttons, it was a fun project to do together.

Both teachers were very surprised and happy with our little gift.  That made kiddo and me very happy. “Attitude for gratitude” is what it’s all about and truly it’s the little things that count.  So who’s next?signature

read them all!
read them all!

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