Sprinklings: pee, poop and moonshine

Let me tell you- today was a doozy. And not because of my children -well the poop was mine- i mean the babies – which makes it all okay, but I seriously have to share.

Kiddo goes to a co-operative pre-school in town, which means once a week I have the privilege of working in the class. (I’m pretty sure I have talked about this before). So today should have been a normal Tuesday, got up, get the girls dressed, went to the market, came home, unloaded, dropped off Sneaky B with a wonderful friend, went to preschool with Kiddo. Normal Tuesday…but like I said, it wasn’t!

Let’s see, five minutes before leaving (this always happens right before you have to leave) to drop off Sneaky B, she exploded. NOT her, but the diaper. Poop everywhere! How does one tiny little baby make so much poop? And why the hell does it explode out of their little bottoms? It was everywhere! All over her, forget about the cute outfit- I’m sure it’s stained beyond usable.  All over her rocking/bouncy chair- happily I can wash that too. And of course you have to do the crazy moves to get the baby out of the outfit without spreading the poop all over the changing table, the baby or yourself. I scored here, no more spread out poop! Point for me.

So we drop off Sneaky B a bit late and therefore get to preschool a few minutes late to discover we have switched locations (each parent works in a certain area for a few weeks then we switch). No problem, but I have bathroom duty. Should be fine I think, they are all 4 & 5. They are all potty trained, i wont have to help with any wiping. I had a hard time wiping my own kid, don’t really want to wipe others offspring. Nope. Two not one but two of the kids have accidents. I know it happens but really? Twice? So after finding my “don’t toss my cookies inner power” I helped out both kids. No problem, especially after washing my hands 20 times. Nothing else could happen now right, I have dealt with nasty poop and now other kids pee…wrong. (I know better to think this way too, I was born a Murphy, so Murphy’s law follows me everywhere).

Final circle of the day. All the kids are sitting around singing a song with the teacher; it’s all good and happy. One of the girls is having a hard time sitting still (normal) and she starts to stand up and adjust her clothes, like she was uncomfortable or something. Well, that would have been great. But she stands all the way up, turns around, pulls down her pants and full on moons everyone. I mean full moon. The adults where bug-eyes and in total shock for what seemed like forever, although it was probably 5 to 10 seconds, the kids went quite. The teacher jumped up, saying “you can’t do that” which broke the adult bug eyes and we all went into action helping the teacher. The girl is screaming that she doesn’t want to leave school, the teacher is remaining clam and saying sorry you have too… Amazingly the kids just all sat there, no laughing or anything.  It was all over in about one minute but what the hell?

I am still so dumbfounded. I can’t believe that happened. Sure does put the pee and poop down there on the “normal” range of a day I guess. I can’t help but think “thank god it wasn’t my kid”.  It sure is going to make school a little awkward tomorrow.

I said I was going to be sharing Sprinklings of my reality, and this was double chocolate sprinkles on a cupcake with a shot of moonshine kind of day signature


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