Sprinklings: failed experiment

Five days ago I started a little experiment. I didn’t let anyone know, but I was curious as to what would happen. I am not really surprised with the outcome, but still disappointed.

What was my big experiment? I put “Pumpkin” (the new stuffy kitty) on the floor in the way to the bathroom, to see if anyone, besides me, would pick it up.

pumpkinkittyCollageDay one and two Pumpkin sat there while the family walked right over her.

Day three someone kicked her while walking to the bathroom but didn’t pick her up.  (At this point I wanted to toss in the towel, pick up Pumpkin and toss her into Kiddos room, but I didn’t. I needed to know how long it would take).

Day four Pumpkin was kicked over a bit more but still there forgotten.

Day five was my limit. Couldn’t take it anymore. Not sure if it’s because I was focusing on poor Pumpkin for being left and walked over. Or if it showed the reality here…I pretty much pick up everything that is out of place. Yes Kiddo is picking up her room without asking and Hubby does help out quit a bit with certain things. But why do I have to ask Kiddo and Hubby to pick something up?

This doesn’t seem right. When I asked them both about poor Pumpkin, Kiddo shrugged her shoulders and went to find her, now tossed thrown into her room. And Hubby said “Really? I didn’t notice.” I guess I have another project on my hands… training the family to pick up anything that is out of place and put it away, even if it’s not theirs.

Am I the only one? Please tell me someone out there is dealing with this too, because that straight-jacket only comes in white and we all know how quickly white gets dirty. I don’t really need to do any extra laundry. signature

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5 thoughts on “Sprinklings: failed experiment

  1. Omg! I would be livid. Of course, if I did this same experiment, I would get the same outcome, but maybe not? Now I might do one on my own. Seriously, you are most upset because it is NOT a message of worth. Quite the opposite.

  2. Hilarious!! And nobody EVER picks up thing, hubbies and children alike!! My least fav thing they used to do is back in the cordless phone era. They NEVER put it back so it could charge so I could never find it when I needed it! I couldn’t beep it if it was dead, which was always the case. I lectured until I turned blue but they never changed! So glad we have cell phones now!! anita PS: Ready for another lesson…slightly lost…only a little but enough to be hopeless!


  3. We’ve done the “Love and Logic” thing where toys that aren’t put away, we put away, but they get put into a box for a length of time. They’ve never noticed.

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