day 4: business card designs

Okay, yesterday I left blogging world by saying I was going to have a little tutorial today, well I changed my mind for two reasons.  One, I forgot that today was going to be super busy and two, last night I stayed up way to late playing with designing my business cards.  Tutorial will come, just not today.

Business cards are little gems.  Little cards of over-designed logos, over thought layout and then simply redone to beautiful perfection.  I have always collected them when traveling or even shopping in town, I have a box full of them.  I love them!  I have been thinking about my business card for awhile, way before I decided to do this art show, I have made many but none of them have ever made me say “Yes! this is it”

Last night I had the need to be creative, but NOT sew, so I thought, card time. I have already created my logo.  It in the header of this blog, that’s me by the way when I was about 4 and I love the background on my blog too.  Many hours of photoshop and about 40 versions later, here are the top three.

A bit boring, but getting there

Closer, but not really liking the way the faint blue background ends right under my name

Yes this is it, the winner! (I think) What do you think do you agree with me???

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