Sprinkling: getting sh*t done

How does one get sh*t done with a four year old and a two month old? I would guess the parents reading this are thinking you just do. You find a way to get all the sh*t done. It might mean staying up till midnight, but you just do. Sh*t has to be done, so we all just do.

Sometimes I think  know I do to much. I have too many big projects happening at the same time. I can’t help it…its a flaw of mine. It my eternal need to be successful and helpful.  I guess it’s a good flaw to have, but sometimes it means failing where I shouldn’t.

Lately I have been failing at going to the market.  I’m not kidding you, I have broccoli,  a half container of soy milk and apple juice in the fridge right now. Pathetic!  I just seems that I can’t find the time. For sure this needs to change. Not a good place to be a slacker. Maybe I should look into getting groceries delivered…wouldn’t that be divine.
nursingCollageWhere I have been succeeding,  multi-tasking! I have mastered typing my posts (using my cell) while I nurse Sneakty B. Its amazing how fast one can learn to type using only a thumb.  With Kiddo, I would have never done this.  I just watched her, probably a first baby thing. Now I think what can I do while I sit here nursing- getting sh*t done
allcollegeHere is a fine example of a normal day photographing items for Pink Floor Studio; an etsy shop my mom and I are opening soon. (Ill share more about that one day soon) For sure I never thought I could photograph, help Sneaky B with her passy and be a jungle gym for Kiddo all at the same time.

It sure is funny/odd how once you are a parent you can do so many more things at once. Maybe it’s just me, but I sure don’t need a quite home to focus. It’s almost as if my universe has shifted. If it’s too quite I think Kiddo must be up to something she shouldn’t be. When there is a good level of noise, i can focus on what needs to get done. Is anyone else like that?

If only I could figure out making dinner while folding laundry- my home home would always be neat and tidy. signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality a 31 day series…you need to read them all

Sprinklings: Crock pot Sunday

Sunday seems to be a lazy day in our home. P.J.’s all day, lounging around- well sort of. Usually its the day to catch up on laundry, ironing, dusting etc,  but its done in P.J’s.

Lazy days mean lazy dinners and for me that is the glorious under used crock pot. Today I am making our basic lentils.


As you can see I’m not big on measuring when it comes to lentils, I guess its lazy measuring too.
crockpot3 Do you use the crock pot? What do you make most?signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality: a 31 day challenge- read the all!

Sprinklings: Being American

So this is not what you are thinking, yes we are thankful to live in this country, but this isn’t a rah-rah session about America. In our house “being American” means something totally different.

americanCollageI’m not even sure how it all started exactly. A few years ago we had our first movie night with Kiddo and we let her eat dinner in front of the TV. Somehow from this event eating dinner in front of the TV became “being American.” For Kiddo this is a very special moment and it used to not happen very often. I stress the word used to here, because these days our world is a bit different.

Hubby has gone back to school and since he works all day, and goes to school at night, four nights a week, dinner time at the table is a bit of a joke. Two of these nights Hubby is home for about an hour before he leaves for class, so we have a quick dinner at the table.  Two of these nights he leaves at 7am and doesn’t come home until 1030pm. It’s a big commitment for him and for me. It’s hard to be a “single mama” those nights and has made me be in total awe of all the single mama’s (and daddy’s) out there. Don’t know how you do it.

american3CollageThese extra long days for Hubby means extra long days for me, difficult for Kiddo not to see daddy and now with Sneaky B, it’s even more tricky to deal with dinner time. So I decided that “being American,” on the extra long days, is the way to go.  So two nights a week Kiddo, Sneaky B (well not really) and I eat dinner in the living room watching some assortment of Disney Jr or Sprout show.

It gives me a moment to not be the entertainment while shoving in my dinner before having to nurse Sneaky B and it helps Kiddo not miss daddy so much. It makes these nights special for her, and thats important.

american2CollageJust a little sprinkling of my world, what are your special dinner night traditions?signature

sprinklingThis is part of the series “Sprinklings of my reality” read them all!

ENOUGH already!

I’m guessing your thinking I’m talking about Sneaky B.  Nope.  I am talking about Kiddo’s amount of stuff today. Way too much stuff. Okay let’s be real, way too much little shit. Everywhere. Little toys, barbie shoes, bracelets, games pieces from who knows what game, dress-up clothes, missing socks, half painted somethings… TOO MUCH and I’ve had it.

kroombeforepicThis is what her rooms looks like every morning when we get up.  She plays in her room every night taking everything out…everything! I know this is a sleeping stall tactic, one that we have not been able to control.  So every morning we, okay I, struggle with her to pick it up and then it looks like this again in no time at all.  I admit, I have given up with Sneaky B around, well almost given up.  We just pick up one thing, maybe dress-up and then I’m over the power struggle.

So when my mom shared this pin with me I thought just another way to organize, no one would really get rid of all there kids toys.  But oh how wrong I was! And after reading the blog post (and almost everything else on this new favorite blog, Living Well, Spending Less) I had a HALLELUJAH moment.  It MUST be done! MUST! And after a quick chat with Hubby, the planning began.

kroom2Kiddo’s room when it’s actually clean.  Note this is a few months ago, after we cleaned out, so I thought, before Sneaky B arrived. Geez was I wrong!

We told Kiddo that we were going to do a “toy experiment;” that almost all her toys where going to go into storage for awhile and we would see if she had more fun. “Okay” she said. Seriously I almost fell on the floor, I was expecting the little lawyer arguing for every single little piece of junk; all she was concerned about was blanky. “We will never give away blanky” she asked with a worried look.  “No way!” I told her.  She gave me a big smile and said “I want the dress-up, little people castle, house & barn, my leap frog, and a few stuffed animals.” DONE!

kroom (1)picIt took a few days with the help of my mom, was somewhat exhausting, but it’s done. It’s been a few days now, and guess what, Kiddo has been playing in her room for hours. And when she is done with dress up, she hangs it up and starts with something else.  This pic was taken this morning, even after her night time playing/sleep stalling tactic moves… can you believe it, she put everything away by herself without being asked!


kroom3 (1)It’s amazing how having less, so far, has changed our kiddo’s world.  And while I am typing this sitting across from our wall of book cases that is overflowing with books, I can’t help but think it’s time for Hubby and I to have less too.signature

She’s here!

2weeks2.1Sneaky B has arrived!  She arrived on her due date August 11 at 2:37 in the morning.  She is perfect in every way and we are over the moon to have her in our lives. Ahh….

Let me tell you, “fast” pregnancy- means fast deliver, at least once you get into active labor, for me. We, Hubby and I, spent 39 hours waiting for the inducing medications to get me into labor…after the 36th hour had past with barely a contraction, I was mentally over it. Done. Let’s go home.

We decided to wait and see what happened over night, so one more dose at 10:30pm of the medication they were giving me to induce labor (not Pitocin! happy day!).  Before this final dose we were able to go outside and walk around a bit in the birthing garden.  Hubby and I saw a shooting star, and I knew right then and there this was going to work, Sneaky baby will be coming tonight. And Happy day i was right!

I finally started having contractions and by 2am I was in full labor, 2:10 my water broke, 2:20 I was at 6cm and asking for an epidural (didn’t think I would ever ask for one, I hate the thought of needles in spines) there was no time for that anyway, 2:30 I was at 10cm and ready. Sneaky B was born 7 minutes later. Beautiful!


I remember saying to Hubby, my mid-wife and the nursers five minutes afterwards “Oh my god do I feel better now” and then looking at Hubby and our little Sneaky B “I am NEVER doing that again”

kiddosneakybIt’s been two weeks now, we can’t imagine life without our little Sneaky B. Kiddo is a fantastic big sister, of course she has her moments, but she is awesome. It’s been a crazy “short” pregnancy and we would not change a thing, we are thrilled to be a family of four.signature

almost there!

Look at this huge belly!

Six days to go…to the due date that is. I can’t even believe it. The last few days have been interesting to say the least. With the ever surging emotions and the thoughts of possibly being induced early, I have been handling it as best that I can.

Why you ask might I be induced early? Well, Sneaky B is giving me high blood pressure, not always, but sometimes and not high enough to be considered preeclampsia but high enough to go have testing twice a week.  It’s all good, I will do what ever is best for me and baby, even if that is collecting urine for 24 hours and peeing into a dixie cup twice a week. By the way, every time I do this I “barf up” as Kiddo says…delightful yes?

Then there is the “comfort” of being almost 10 months pregnant (if you haven’t been pregnant before, it’s not 9 months like everyone says…40 weeks is 10 months friends. 10 months!).  Those of you with kids know what I am talking about I am sure. The “comfort” of sleeping at night.  The moaning when you sit or stand or move or not move.  Leaking of all parts of your body. GROSS…

How about a few tears when Kiddo says “Mommy I don’t want you to stay overnight at the hospital” and realizing that this will be the first time I am not at home with Kiddo all night. Why is that? Wow she’s four and a half and I have never spent a night away from her, is that possible?  It is. I’m not sure this is okay.  Hubby has but only because of work and maybe only twice.  Note to self: When Sneaky B is old enough Hubby and I need a weekend away!

Since we have been hanging low lately, I have been able to nest like no bodies business, and I have also been able to think of a few more hindsights.  You know things that should have maybe been signs that I was pregnant (read this is you don’t know our story)

  • In December we went to a super fun birthday party (Kiddo’s social life) where we rode in a double decker bus and wore super fun fascinators, I felt so car sick on that bus, it took everything I had not to get sick…
  • In January and February Hubby and I were working out every evening together and I could not do one stinking sit up. Not one!  Hindsight…there was a baby growing in that belly!
  • The mysterious flu I had in February, the one where I has throwing up daily, but had no other systems…hello Molly!
  • I can specifically remember my aunt Anita saying to me in early February that my skin was “glowing.” My reaction, “Thanks, ever since we became vegan my skin has been really clear”… LOL

And I am feeling the need to share some of the “delightfulness” of pregnancy, like:

  • When your belly is so big, you feel like a contortionist going to the bathroom
  • You are a pro at peeing in a small dixie cup
  • Having no energy to play with Kiddo in the afternoon so you hang out watching Disney Jr for hours and you realize you actually enjoy this (oye I need to get out!)
  • The above is making you cry while writing this part of post, poor Kiddo is watching way to much tv
  • You don’t mind standing still anywhere holding your belly while having a “false” contraction
  • You can’t keep your hands off your belly, really you can’t
  • You don’t mind getting weighed at the doc anymore, because your belly covers the numbers up 🙂
  • You leak…

I could go on and on, but that will get boring and this is already a bit of a rant.  I must say I am really truly so excited to be having another baby. It’s been a whirlwind for sure, four and a half months of knowing your pregnant and it’s basically time, but we are so happy and can’t wait to meet our little Sneaky B any day now.  Sorry this was a little more TMI than my norm and all about baby business, but it’s our world right now.  Happy day!signature

Lobsters & zzzzz

So if you are a parent, when did your baby start to sleep though the night?  I don’t know your answer, but I can tell you, you are lucky! Our kiddo just turned four and I can count the number of times she has slept though the night on one hand.  We have experienced all the big “sleep” issues: terrors (these suck), nightmares, and sleep walking…awesome.

The “normal sleeping” routine in our house is, kiddo wakes up at least twice, first between midnight and one- walking into our room and scarring the crap out of me, you would think I would be used to this by now, but having a little face 3 inches from yours just starring is startling. I take her hand, walk her to her room, she lays back down and is sound asleep in five seconds, me, it takes at least twenty minutes. The second occurrence is between three and four, when the “Lobsters are going to get me” happens.

lobsterOkay, why our kiddo is scared of lobsters is beyond me, granted they are not cute and cuddly, but really, lobsters.  It’s for sure not the normal four year old night time fear, but that’s our kiddo, there are lobsters in her room and in the walls. We have talked to her many times about lobsters, they don’t live here, etc. she says she knows that, but…. She is actually trembling when she comes screaming, running to our room with the lobsters chasing her, defiantly scared, and not just a habit. Taking her back to her room, calming her down, she gets cozy and is falling asleep while I am thinking maybe this night, the next step won’t happen… no such luck.

Five minutes later, she is in our room, with all the sleeping essentials: pillow, pok-a-dots blanket, blanks and various important stuffed animals of the moment, spreading her blankets on the floor next to me and falling asleep. At first this was okay. It makes it difficult for hubby to get ready for work in the morning, but it’s a phase.  This phase and nightmare has been occurring for at least six months now… time for a different plan, but what?

IMG_4596I started thinking about where her bed is in her room.  We have turned her closet into a princess bed, by putting her bed into the closet. Pretty cute right? She loves it, but maybe this is part of the problem?  We started to really pay attention to the noises in her room, we live in an apartment and the upstairs neighbors pipes go between her closet wall…ah maybe the lobsters “are real”. At this point we will try anything, so it’s time for a little furniture rearranging, mainly moving the bed, and we will see what happens.

bedtrialLast night was the first night of our “Bed Relocation Trial”. She did get up four times, all four times for help blowing her nose (she has a pretty bad cold). But she did not come to sleep on our floor!  The lobsters had left the building. And she slept in! She, for her, had a good nights sleep.

I don’t want to jump up and down yet and say this is the solution, but I can’t help think, just maybe, this might help. Oh man, could it have been this easy, probably not. Moving the bed won’t stop the night terrors or sleep walking, but it might help the nightmares, one out of three….we will take it!

Do you have kiddos who have sleep issues? What have you tried?  I would love to know that we are not alone in the beautiful world of sleep issues.signature