Sprinkling: getting sh*t done

How does one get sh*t done with a four year old and a two month old? I would guess the parents reading this are thinking you just do. You find a way to get all the sh*t done. It might mean staying up till midnight, but you just do. Sh*t has to be done, so we all just do.

Sometimes I think  know I do to much. I have too many big projects happening at the same time. I can’t help it…its a flaw of mine. It my eternal need to be successful and helpful.  I guess it’s a good flaw to have, but sometimes it means failing where I shouldn’t.

Lately I have been failing at going to the market.  I’m not kidding you, I have broccoli,  a half container of soy milk and apple juice in the fridge right now. Pathetic!  I just seems that I can’t find the time. For sure this needs to change. Not a good place to be a slacker. Maybe I should look into getting groceries delivered…wouldn’t that be divine.
nursingCollageWhere I have been succeeding,  multi-tasking! I have mastered typing my posts (using my cell) while I nurse Sneakty B. Its amazing how fast one can learn to type using only a thumb.  With Kiddo, I would have never done this.  I just watched her, probably a first baby thing. Now I think what can I do while I sit here nursing- getting sh*t done
allcollegeHere is a fine example of a normal day photographing items for Pink Floor Studio; an etsy shop my mom and I are opening soon. (Ill share more about that one day soon) For sure I never thought I could photograph, help Sneaky B with her passy and be a jungle gym for Kiddo all at the same time.

It sure is funny/odd how once you are a parent you can do so many more things at once. Maybe it’s just me, but I sure don’t need a quite home to focus. It’s almost as if my universe has shifted. If it’s too quite I think Kiddo must be up to something she shouldn’t be. When there is a good level of noise, i can focus on what needs to get done. Is anyone else like that?

If only I could figure out making dinner while folding laundry- my home home would always be neat and tidy. signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality a 31 day series…you need to read them all

Sprinklings: a little celebration

100Happy 100th post day to me! It might seem silly to celebrate 100 posts but to me its big.

When I was a little kid reading and writing was very difficult.  I think I was eight when I was diagnosed with server allergies to all grass pollen and dust (among other things). The allergies effected my sinuses (think head cold 24/7) hence I didn’t learn the actual letter sounds when learning to read.

My parents made me go to special classes to relearn how to read and write (THANK YOU!!). It took a few years but I got it but I still hated reading out loud in classes, was a very slow reader and if you asked me to sound out a word I had never heard/known- forget about it. There are still words today I have issues with, but happily I love to read and am finding I love to write.

So when wanting “to be s blogger” I was hesitant. ..could I actually write and not have to spell check every word? Could I actually write and have followers? Could I do it?

I decided that I had to do it. I had to face my fear of standing up in class and reading out loud. Yes when blogging I can kind of hide behind the computer screen, but you are all reading my words. And you know what, I can now stand in front of a large group and speak- no problem. I think the hidden audience of the blog world has given me a confidence I never expected to have. So thank you followers- all 50 of you, you have given me a gift I didn’t know I needed.signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality: a 31 day series

Sprinklings- the virgin thrifter

Today in town was a big day for rummage sales. There was on at our preschool and one at one of the big churches, plus many others garage sales around town. I love this day…love.  My thrifting heart waits for today. But not today.

I’m not sure why, but this morning I was up and ready to go before 8, and I didn’t go. I just sat in the quite house (everyone was still sleeping) and drank a cup of coffee. I enjoyed every sip in complete silence. This morning that was what I needed.

Fast forward a few hours, I got the thrifting itch…the need to go out and find some deals. I have been telling Hubby (the virgin thrifter) about my favorite thrift shop for years, he had wanted to check it out but there was always a reason not to go.  Bad neighborhood,  he had homework, it’s saturday and my favorite “isn’t it to dirty for the girls?” But today, he said “maybe we can go to that thrift store” DONE!!

Off to Thrifttown we went. This is my favorite thrift store for a few reasons, 1. it’s clean- inside 2. it’s very organized 3. it’s even organized by color after size- love!  4. the deals are amazing and 5. there is always something new.  It is true that it is not in the best of neighborhoods, but I have never had an issue there except for some crazy people.

After about an hour for wandering around and one crazy person encounter, we found some great things.

thriftingWe spent $40 and got- 7 practically new dress shirts and 1 pair of slacks for Hubby, 2 tops for me, 4 shirts and 1 dress up dress for Kiddo, 3 pants, 1 dress and 1 sleep sack for Sneaky B, a fab crystal apothecary jar, 1 vintage tacky but cool Santa head and 1 owl necklace. Happy day!

One of the best moments of the day, Hubby saying “That place was cool. I see why you like to thrift.” Ah my man is not a virgin thrifter anymore.signature

sprinklingThis is part of the 31 day challenge “Sprinklings of my reality” 

Sprinklings of my reality

sprinklingSomehow it’s October again! Wow time flies, doesn’t it?! In my blogging world that means another round of 31 day’s of blogging with the link up party from The Nester… fun and totally crazy!

I am not sure why I am doing this again, it’s stressful and a big commitment but it’s also fun, so who cares that I don’t really have time for it, I am going to do it and I hope you enjoy.

My 31 days is going to be more like a journal of my life, little “Sprinklings of my reality.”  My life of being a stay at home mama of a four year old and two month old, while I do freelance designing, work at pre-school one day a week, am on the pre-school board (yes! PRE-school board) planning this years biggest fundraiser with my good friend Magazine mom, creating and selling on my etsy shop (Vintage Princess by ME), starting a business with my mama (Pink Floor Studios) and being a wife to my fab hubby. You know it will be interesting in this house with all this going on, and this is just me. I will have to share what Hubby does one day.

Today was the first day since having Sneaky B that I had to work at pre-school. Which meant leaving Sneaky B for the first time with an amazing friend. I was expecting this to be  horrible moment filled with major mommy guilt- thankfully it wasn’t.

It turned out to be a fun day with Kiddo and all her friends, I mean really, how could you not have fun here


And playing with Mr.Potato Head…I haven’t done that for probably 32 years


An added bounce of the day, finding a new place in town that sells gluten free-vegan treats! Woo so excited!!!


So it turned out to me a pretty normal day. I am sure the remaining month will not be so chill. I do hope you find the remaining days interesting, it seems odd to me to write about myself and what I do, it’s not something I like to do.  Maybe that’s a good reason to do this because it makes me a bit uncomfortable.


sprinklingYou can read all of the series “Sprinklings of my reality” and you should!

ENOUGH already!

I’m guessing your thinking I’m talking about Sneaky B.  Nope.  I am talking about Kiddo’s amount of stuff today. Way too much stuff. Okay let’s be real, way too much little shit. Everywhere. Little toys, barbie shoes, bracelets, games pieces from who knows what game, dress-up clothes, missing socks, half painted somethings… TOO MUCH and I’ve had it.

kroombeforepicThis is what her rooms looks like every morning when we get up.  She plays in her room every night taking everything out…everything! I know this is a sleeping stall tactic, one that we have not been able to control.  So every morning we, okay I, struggle with her to pick it up and then it looks like this again in no time at all.  I admit, I have given up with Sneaky B around, well almost given up.  We just pick up one thing, maybe dress-up and then I’m over the power struggle.

So when my mom shared this pin with me I thought just another way to organize, no one would really get rid of all there kids toys.  But oh how wrong I was! And after reading the blog post (and almost everything else on this new favorite blog, Living Well, Spending Less) I had a HALLELUJAH moment.  It MUST be done! MUST! And after a quick chat with Hubby, the planning began.

kroom2Kiddo’s room when it’s actually clean.  Note this is a few months ago, after we cleaned out, so I thought, before Sneaky B arrived. Geez was I wrong!

We told Kiddo that we were going to do a “toy experiment;” that almost all her toys where going to go into storage for awhile and we would see if she had more fun. “Okay” she said. Seriously I almost fell on the floor, I was expecting the little lawyer arguing for every single little piece of junk; all she was concerned about was blanky. “We will never give away blanky” she asked with a worried look.  “No way!” I told her.  She gave me a big smile and said “I want the dress-up, little people castle, house & barn, my leap frog, and a few stuffed animals.” DONE!

kroom (1)picIt took a few days with the help of my mom, was somewhat exhausting, but it’s done. It’s been a few days now, and guess what, Kiddo has been playing in her room for hours. And when she is done with dress up, she hangs it up and starts with something else.  This pic was taken this morning, even after her night time playing/sleep stalling tactic moves… can you believe it, she put everything away by herself without being asked!


kroom3 (1)It’s amazing how having less, so far, has changed our kiddo’s world.  And while I am typing this sitting across from our wall of book cases that is overflowing with books, I can’t help but think it’s time for Hubby and I to have less too.signature

a date!

Not a romantic date with Hubby, unfortunately, but a reminder of one of the happiest days in our lives.  I can’t take any credit for this idea because of course I saw it on pinterest, shocking I know. But I loved it and now, or very soon, it will be hanging somewhere in our home.

With all of the cleaning out and moving furniture around it was nice to be creative for an afternoon.  It also helped that is was freaking hot here today! (Your out of control Mother Nature!)  On any normal day, we would not be venturing out in this heat and being preggers, NO WAY… not even to the car thank you!


ugllypaintingSo here is what I did, so simple and effective.  A few weeks ago I bought this “lovely” painting while out thrifting to use as a canvas for $2 – SCORE!

With a little white and gray paint, printed out numbers and some patience….

"Lovely" painting is now white and of course Kiddo was painting too

“Lovely” painting is now white and of course Kiddo was painting too, the only way to get anything creative done with a 4 year old, is to have something creative for her to do to, at least in this house.

Layout of numbers

Layout the numbers how you would like them, trace around cut out prints, calmly paint and….

dateI have a new painting to hang and a reminder of our wedding date!  I do know where it’s going, but I can’t show you until I have the room completed, right now it’s a disaster of half moved office space, piles of donations and an overwhelming amount of stuff to figure out what to do with (toss it Molly!).  But I will show you soon, geez we only have 6 weeks till Sneaky Baby is due to arrive, not much time left to get everything done!

Speaking of showing you the “after” photos, in the last post I mentioned the Kiddo’s big girl room was completed and I would be sharing….well, I found a new vanity for her, the one we made here, just wasn’t cutting it anymore and this new one is so cute.  Once it’s finished being painted I will show your the awesome find and the big girl room!


Lobsters & zzzzz

So if you are a parent, when did your baby start to sleep though the night?  I don’t know your answer, but I can tell you, you are lucky! Our kiddo just turned four and I can count the number of times she has slept though the night on one hand.  We have experienced all the big “sleep” issues: terrors (these suck), nightmares, and sleep walking…awesome.

The “normal sleeping” routine in our house is, kiddo wakes up at least twice, first between midnight and one- walking into our room and scarring the crap out of me, you would think I would be used to this by now, but having a little face 3 inches from yours just starring is startling. I take her hand, walk her to her room, she lays back down and is sound asleep in five seconds, me, it takes at least twenty minutes. The second occurrence is between three and four, when the “Lobsters are going to get me” happens.

lobsterOkay, why our kiddo is scared of lobsters is beyond me, granted they are not cute and cuddly, but really, lobsters.  It’s for sure not the normal four year old night time fear, but that’s our kiddo, there are lobsters in her room and in the walls. We have talked to her many times about lobsters, they don’t live here, etc. she says she knows that, but…. She is actually trembling when she comes screaming, running to our room with the lobsters chasing her, defiantly scared, and not just a habit. Taking her back to her room, calming her down, she gets cozy and is falling asleep while I am thinking maybe this night, the next step won’t happen… no such luck.

Five minutes later, she is in our room, with all the sleeping essentials: pillow, pok-a-dots blanket, blanks and various important stuffed animals of the moment, spreading her blankets on the floor next to me and falling asleep. At first this was okay. It makes it difficult for hubby to get ready for work in the morning, but it’s a phase.  This phase and nightmare has been occurring for at least six months now… time for a different plan, but what?

IMG_4596I started thinking about where her bed is in her room.  We have turned her closet into a princess bed, by putting her bed into the closet. Pretty cute right? She loves it, but maybe this is part of the problem?  We started to really pay attention to the noises in her room, we live in an apartment and the upstairs neighbors pipes go between her closet wall…ah maybe the lobsters “are real”. At this point we will try anything, so it’s time for a little furniture rearranging, mainly moving the bed, and we will see what happens.

bedtrialLast night was the first night of our “Bed Relocation Trial”. She did get up four times, all four times for help blowing her nose (she has a pretty bad cold). But she did not come to sleep on our floor!  The lobsters had left the building. And she slept in! She, for her, had a good nights sleep.

I don’t want to jump up and down yet and say this is the solution, but I can’t help think, just maybe, this might help. Oh man, could it have been this easy, probably not. Moving the bed won’t stop the night terrors or sleep walking, but it might help the nightmares, one out of three….we will take it!

Do you have kiddos who have sleep issues? What have you tried?  I would love to know that we are not alone in the beautiful world of sleep issues.signature

day 30: improve gratitude

100_2038Growing up, my daddy’s best friends was Sherman. John Sherman to be proper, but we knew him as Sherman.  He was an awesome man and I can’t watch the 49ers play without thinking of him.  In fact he and my daddy used to get each other the “tackest 49ers supplies” they could find for Christmas.  I am remembering 49ers toilet paper at this moment.

Anyway, Sherman used to say “Have an attitude for gratitude.” Not sure if the saying comes from someone else, maybe it’s “famous,” to me it’s Sherman.  And I think it speaks volumes.  On this journey of improving our little world, I think it is important to have an attitude for gratitude.

I am very grateful for all we have. All the people in our lives.  But how often do we show and talk about how grateful we are for the people around us. I know I don’t, other than my family. But there are so many people we interact with daily, weekly that really should know that we are grateful for what they bring to our lives. Case in point for today, teachers.

Kiddo goes to a fantastic pre-school and her teachers are awesome.  They are the most caring, loving, playful women I think I know, at least in this town.  Kiddo adores them both. Why haven’t we, or I, told them we are grateful for there presence in kiddos life?  Well, today that changed.

IMG_5897We made these super cute button flower bouquets for them both. My mom, of course, is the one who came up with this super cute idea (in my world). They are so cute and different. Super easy to make too. Vintage buttons and S or P shakers, and some wire is all you need. Kiddo helped pick out the buttons, being very specific about what colors were right for each teacher. She even helped thread the buttons, it was a fun project to do together.

Both teachers were very surprised and happy with our little gift.  That made kiddo and me very happy. “Attitude for gratitude” is what it’s all about and truly it’s the little things that count.  So who’s next?signature

read them all!
read them all!

day 28: the oh so evil…

Laundry basket. Yes you read that correctly. I said that the laundry basket is evil. Shall I explain?

For years I have lived a life without a laundry basket. Yes we have had a sorting basket for dirty clothes in the bedroom, but not a traditional laundry basket. So before said evil basket entered my world, when clothes came out of the dryer, they were tossed onto the sofa, folded and put away. No worries.

Now that evil laundry basket has entered my home, clothes come out of the dryer and get tossed into the laundry basket, laundry basket gets moved to the living room and that’s where it stays.  For days…

Even Myles likes the laundry basket, it's under this mountain somewhere
Even Myles likes the laundry basket, it’s under this mountain somewhere

Is it just me? Maybe because it’s new to me? I don’t know.  I just know that I am getting rid of it. My June Cleaver want-to-be self is getting “lazy” with this evil basket in the house. What’s next? A microwave. (LOL close friends know I don’t have a microwave, can you believe it! It’s not that I don’t want one, I live with “super duper tiny kitchen syndrome” and there isn’t any room for one)

IMG_5894Kiddo is starting to think it’s her new “cozy seat.” Not really happy about that.  So to improve this laundry evil, I either have to get rid of the clothes so I don’t have to do laundry – NOT going to happen, or the laundry basket has to go. Yep… bye bye laundry basket, you are evil and can not stay in our home anymore.  It’s back to old school laundry done, folded and but away for this June Clever.signature

read them all!
read them all!