PR packets…finally

There is nothing like getting away for the weekend to get my creative juices finally flowing again.  Happy day!!

One of the many to do items that has been haunting me for months is to make a PR packet to advertise Vintage Princess by ME to baby boutiques in the area. Good idea right?  I my mind I was going to do this after my first craft show, so I could have my inventory selling is shops and on etsy.  Well, it’s two and a half months later and I am finally doing it.

PRSo I made a “post card” with images of the clothes, letterhead, envelops and labels. It didn’t take forever or cost a small fortune. Double score!

shopcard_4blogThe card turned out super cute, didn’t it?  I am in the process of editing a form like letter, well let’s be real- the proofreading hubby is editing my letter, to introduce myself and my work. Then off the packets will go and we wait and see what happens.  I figure someone will like my work or not, but I am trying and that’s what matters.

I am going to make one showcasing my furniture and cabinetry design too and send it out.  Why not, I would love to get back into that world too.


day 29: a series of 9 – 1

9-1I can’t say that the series of 9 canvases are completed. I have one left. One.  And it’s making me bonkers.

It didn’t help that I woke up this morning with a nasty cold.  Really what the heck? I was totally fine yesterday, this morning I felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks. And kiddo, she didn’t even want to go to the park with her BFF for a few hours… shocking. So we had a not-so-lazy, lazy day.  Not-so-lazy lazy day? Yes. We stayed in our ‘jamas all day but I did make a to do list, and almost completed everything.  The day is still young, it’s only 4pm, so I will probably get a few more of these things done. As you can see, Canvases is on this list… arg!

Notice at the bottom of list I put, "Write to do list" that when, there is always something to check off right away :-)
Notice at the bottom of list I put, “Make to do list” that way there is always something to check off right away 🙂

I finished the “Myles” canvas pretty quickly.  I only had a few details left to finish up. I think it turned out pretty good for a novice painter.  Then I just stared at the blank ninth canvas.  After finishing a few other to do items, I painted it orange, thinking that corner needed a bit of orange. Now what? I don’t know. I thought of a carrot or an orange, but I think that’s the color talking to me.  Making me bonkers!


Canvases Left to Right starting at top:

  • Hubby’s Quote: he has always wanted this saying hanging in the house, he finally got it
  • 3: The power of the number 3, we are a 3 person family, I have a connection to the number 3.
  • ARG!: help!
  • Myles: our kitty
  • Our wedding logo: we had a beach-y, picnic-y, laid back kind of party wedding
  • Chevron glitter stripes
  • Kiddo’s painting: stripes because “she wanted to”
  • Kiddo’s heart hands
  • My quote: it speaks to me, I like it.

This last canvas is making me crazy.  I looked back to my sketch book where i sketched and jotted down ideas for this project. Funny- I wrote down 9 canvases, but had 8 drawn and 8 ideas circled. Guess I couldn’t count that day.  The ideas I scratched then, still don’t work.

This is making me crazy, and of course now I am fixating on it. I don’t like being stuck like this.  Any ideas? Really I would love any ideas.signature

read them all!
read them all!

day 22: A vanity of her own

IMG_5879“I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright” I love it when kiddo sings this song.  I have no idea where she learned it, but I love it. She is a girly girly who likes to get dirty.  For Christmas she got a make-up set and a salon set, so of course she was in need of a vanity. Luckily for her, I like to be creative and figured out a super easy way to make one.

beforeIn college I made this table. Yep made it all by myself, I had to take a furniture construction class because if I “was going to design furniture I should know how to make it”.  It was actually a pretty fun class except for the table saw and after seeing a class mates table top fly across the room and impale the lockers I was freaked out by the table saw. Anyway, back to the table. We have been moving this around for years now and I thought it would be the perfect improvement and a great start for the kiddos vanity.

layoutoptI drew out a vanity “shape” and had hubby cut it out of ply-wood.  Then using my fabric hord, I found a piece that I have always loved and thought it would be perfect.

fabricI used the vanity top as a pattern and cut around it with a half inch seam.  Measured for length, cut out all the pieces sewed them together.  Added a tule ruffle at the bottom, why not right.  I used binder clips to hold the top to the table, so not the “proper” way but works. And just like that it was done.

IMG_5877A “vintage” vanity perfect for the almost 4 year old going on 16.  An absolute improvement to the table too.  Now I need a vanity of my own, adding it to the need to thrift list for suresignature

read them all!
read them all!

day 19: Series of Canvases- heart hands

Vintage Revivals: Color Blocked Family Silhouette Art with Scotch Duct Tape

When I saw this on Pinterest, it was an absolute must for me to do.  Kiddo always gives hearts with her hands when leaving friends and family, it’s so precious, I just love her.  Then I decided to do a series of canvases, this was on the top of my list.

The tutorial Vintage Revivals created is awesome! The only thing was for me when I started this today I didn’t have colored duct tape and I wanted to do it now….so I painted it.  I used the tutorial and made a template of kiddos hands, then I just traced and painted it onto the canvas.

IMG_5844Here is my finished canvas, I think it turned out okay.  Can’t wait to get the other six canvases completed… maybe I will start another one now, no ones needs dinner right?


day 19, read them all

day 18: A series of 9

I have been wanting to create a series of canvases to hang above the sofa for awhile now, and it’s about time I get to it, improving our little world with a bit of new “art.”   With all of the fun ideas I have pinned, it’s about time to try them out, so here is my version of the re-pinned many times Chevron glittered canvas. And since the image I pinned (along with many of you) didn’t have a link to how to do it, I am going to share with you how I did it.  It takes a bit on math, but if you can use a ruler, you got this.

Supplies you will need:

  • Canvas (I am using an 8 x 10, so all dimensions will be for this size)
  • Paint, background & stripe color
  • GLITTER! (I matched my stripe color and glitter)
  • Decoupage glue, or other thin glue
  • Blue painters tape
  • Ruler & pencil (if your background is a dark color, use a white pencil)
  • Paint brushes

Alright so here we go


Paint your canvas the background color

layoutFor the 8 x 10 canvas, divide the canvas vertically in half, then 2″ on each side, make sure to keep your lines straight and perpendicular. For the horizontal lines, start at the bottom and measure 2″ up draw your line and repeat all the way up. Next draw a diagonal line, starting at the upper left square, from top to bottom, repeat in the next square bottom to top, repeat pattern for entire canvas.


Start to tape off your diagonal lines.  Here is a super trick that will make your points super sharp.  Cut your tape at an angle away from the line that connects to the line you are taping.  What? That was confusing, see the picture above, pictures speak volumes right (that might not even be the saying).

tapedoneWhen you are done taping, it’s time for trick number two…

paintoverPaint over your tape lines with your back ground color.  Doing this will help you have super sharp and clean lines, because any paint that leaks under the tape will be the back ground color. This works for walls too, it’s a must.

firstlayerWhen the background paint is dry, paint on your stripe color.  Wait again for it to dry then it’s time for ….


Glitter! Paint overtop of the stripe color a thin-ish layer of decoupage glue and sprinkle on the glitter. Make sure to be working over paper or on a tray to shake off the glitter to use on the next stripe and to attempt to contain the glitter from getting everywhere. I work on one stripe at a time. When this is dry it’s time to remove the tape.

perfectlineIf you did everything perfectly, which is tricky, you will have perfect lines like this. 🙂

pinatoverLast step, I know it seems like forever… Paint over the remaining layout lines that you taped over at the beginning and your done!


Ta-da! Glittered Chevron Stipes Canvas and Kiddo’s canvas for A Series of 9. I think we are off to a good start.  signature

day 18, read them all here!

Improvement day 9: Sketchbook envelope

PicMonkey CollagefinalToday I finally dusted off my sewing machine.  I have not touched it since the day before my first craft show December 3rd, almost a month. There are many sewing projects swimming around in my head and sketched out in many sketch books that I want to get to, so it was time to dust off the machine and go for it.

Does this happen to you, you have a lovely sketch book in your handbag and it gets destroyed by the endless kiddo items, the lost fruit snack, leaking juice and other odd ball things that end up in your handbag?  So many sketchbooks have been ruined in my world. I thought maybe, just maybe, a fabric envelope like pocket could be the answer. Here is what I came up with- if you make one yourself I would love to see what you made!

Tricky part, deciding which vintage fabric scrap to use

Here is what you will need to make the Sketchbook envelope for a 5 x 7 sketchbook:

  • Fabric- 12″ x 16″ piece for the outside of your envelope
  • Felt- 12″ x 16″
  • Oilcloth 12″ x 16″ I used this as the lining, you could you this as the outside and fabric as lining if you choose.
  • Velcro – the sew on kind
  • Sewing machine, scissors, pins, etc.
  • Pattern- draw on a large piece of paper the following: a large rectangle 9 3/4″ x 14 1/2″ and round the corners on one of the short sides using a glass or can, whatever you have on hand. (see picture below)


Once you have your fabrics chosen, cut out your fabric, felt and oilcloth.

PicMonkey CollageMyles

As a side note our cat, Myles, loves to play and attack fabric and string.  This makes it tricky to sew sometimes… and this is partly why I changed fabrics pinned

Pin the three layers together, so that the right sides of the fabric & oilcloth are facing each other and the felt is on the bottom.  Stich all the way around (1/4 seam) leaving a 3″ opening on one of the long sides to turn right side out.

turnBefore turning, clip the felt as close to the stitching line as possible. Turn your project right sides out, this can be a bit tricky with the oilcloth, but it will work, just be patient. Make sure to get the curves and corners turned as cleanly as possible. Lightly press if you are into that, not me with this project.


Top stich all the way around (1/8″ in from edge). Lay your velcro into place, centered and pin into place.  Remember one piece goes on the oilcloth side the other on the fabric side. The piece that goes on the fabric is about 3/4″ down from edge. Stitch around velcro.


Next fold the bottom of the piece up to create your pocket.  The pocket will measure 5″ from the bottom.  Pin and stich the sides closed as close to the top stitching as you can and make sure to back stich at the top and bottom.


Lastly, stich your pen pocket, by sewing a line 1.25 inches from the right side, again back stitch at the top and bottom.  The easy to do this (for me, there might be a better way) align a ruler with your needle and measure to the right 1.25 inches, place a mark on your machine.  When you sew line up the edge of the fabric with this mark, you should have a perfectly straight line when you are done.

PicMonkey CollagefinalTa-da a perfect improvement to the sketchbook in the handbag issue. At least for me.  And it only took an hour! I have a feeling I might be making variations of this for other handbag items, maybe one for the kiddos snacks?  Or maybe a little first aid kit? Humm…. off to sew a bit moresignature

This is day 9 of 31 days of improving our little world, too read them all, click here

okay… EEEEE

Okay so I didn’t make it on my 24 hours of no technology day. I almost did, but by 830 last night I needed (yes, needed) to just sit on the sofa with my laptop and a little Food Network on the boob tube. I will tell you, it was way more difficult than I thought it would be.  Makes me freak out a bit about how addicted I have become to the internet (okay mainly Pinterest).  Maybe I will try again sometime, but, hum…not for awhile.

However, the good side of the no technology day is how much stuff we got done around here. Really! Many projects have been started, (some I will share with you this month), the windows were cleaned, hubby cleaned his office space, kiddo helped me dust all the books (if you know us, you know this is no small task), I tried out a few new vegan recipes (will share those too) and we played Candy Land (a few too many times). WOW right!

EcrownSo here is one of the projects that I finally did yesterday.  I have always wanted to have a large “E” somewhere in our home.  A few weeks ago, on a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, with my mom and kiddo, I found this large E (roughly 24″) and this awesome crown. Now the “E” needed a bit of removal of “fluffy” stuff, that’s not for me.  So with a screw driver and some will power I popped off those beautiful gems and removed that lovely rusty metal circle thing.  Did a little sanding and re-painted the “E” in a satin black and hung it up.

Tricky to photograph this in our “entry hall”

Now I like it a lot. Like…not totally love. I am thinking it might need to be a limey green or a robins egg blue-ish.


Which would you choose? I would love to know, I am just not totally sure, although I am leaning towards…. Well I am not going to tell you, I really want to know what you think first.

This is day 7 of "Improving our little world in 31 days" you can read them all here
This is day 7 of “Improving our little world in 31 days” you can read them all here

Fascinating Fascinators

Friends of ours had an ace of an idea for their daughters party, A London Birthday Party.  Here in Davis we have the UCD bus line with a classic double decker from jolly old England, and you can rent it! Dog’s bollocks, what four year old doesn’t think that is cool! Not only was the party fun, we were asked to wear fascinators! FUN!

Of course we can’t just go and buy a fascinator here, well maybe but they are a pricey, and really it’s far more fun to just make it.  Shockingly enough, Magazine mom was also up for a bit of fascinator diy, so we got busy…well sort of.  Day one…we didn’t get anything done, well except for discussing how to rearrange E’s room. I am sure you have those days when you want to get creative, you have the time to be creative and no matter what you just can’t. So annoying, but we reconvened the next morning…while the girls were at school, perfect.

Oh and I have an issue with birds, I hate them.  Hate might be a really strong word here, but chickens, ducks, seagulls, robins, bluejays, if it’s a bird, it’s yuck.  From a far, okay I can handle it, but up close…NO. Fake birds, they really have to be cute and glittery, and a Christmas ornament.  So why was I thinking a bird fascinator – I don’t know.  And I found a cute red bird ornament (did I just say that) and that was it. Perfect. For the kiddo, a dark pink butterfly, shocking.

Now I have not been blogging as much as I want to be, so I am yet again rusty with the photo taking… but really this is simple. We had ribbons, rein-stones  glittery fake leaves, tule, cheap headbands, hot glue gun, birds, butterflies and flowers ornaments (these all had clips on the bottom that are “supposed” to clip onto the tree), and coffee. Time to get started.

IMG_5246 For my red bird fascinator I used some green ribbon and floral wire and made a basic loopy bow.  Made it fit around the bottom of the bird to make a nest using the floral wire at the center to wrap around the bird, hot glued a few of the glittery leave stems on, clipped it to the headband and ta-da, cute.  Pretty much the same thing for the kiddos dark pink butterfly.

The BFF’s with almost matching dark pink butterfly fascinators

IMG_5272Really, we should wear fascinators more often in this country, they are so fun! And if you use an ornament like I did, it can live on the tree until the next holiday party.


Autumn is in the air…FINALLY

We are so fortunate to live in California, the weather has been amazing lately.  Annoyingly so.  Don’t get me wrong, warm sunny days are fantastic, but when it’s November I don’t want 83 degrees.  I want jeans, sweaters, boots! Today it was chilly, windy and raining, awesome.  Our afternoon was spent inside (shocking I had to sew) kiddo watching a movie, munching real popcorn (aka not microwaved) and my need to add a bit of Autumn decorations.

As you know, we glittered acorns the other day and Kiddo made these awesome leaves at pre-school.  “Mommy, we need to display my leaves in my gallery.” Of course they needed to be displayed, but how?  Think, think, think… taking down the last of the Halloween decorations this evening, I figured it out!  I have a large simple black frame that had a spider web in it, and I thought there has to be a way to hang the leaves in the frame.

Thread and tape! A little tape to hold the thread on the back of the frame, a bit of tape to hold leaf in place; how easy is that! It took about 5 minutes and looks perfect! I am sure there are many “better” ways to do this, but it got the job done and if I didn’t tell you how I did it, I don’t think you would guess thread and tape- would you?

Pretty leaves, glitter acorns, an awesome turkey painting by kiddo (his head the small green blob on the left) and a piece of vintage orange and blue paper framed (thank you Ashley for mentioning that you did this today) brilliant!  Now for a cup of tea and my evening work basket.