Drum roll please….

“Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome” otherwise known as Fpies. To put it very simply- a person with Fpies  can not process the proteins in certain, many or most foods.

Never heard of it?  I hadn’t.  Until a few years ago when one of my best friends Ashley (aka Magazine Mom, my sidekick) discovered her son has it. Poor little man. It was a crazy time in there lives. My heart ached for them.

This is what Sneaky B has. Fpies, although acute.

Fpies kiddos- can they be any cuter?

Okay can I say what we are all thinking. What are the freaking chances of this happening?  Two friends with new babies a year and a half apart. Both have this random never heard of syndrome?  There has to be a mathematician out there who can tell me the odds. Maybe we need to hit up Vegas?

I do feel fortunate though. Lucky for me I have a friend I can go to for any questions I have about this Fpies. Lucky for us, we are go getters when it comes to our kiddos. Somehow I think we will be planning something big, yet again, for Fpies kids. Lucky Fpies. Lucky us!

I have a lot to learn still. LOTS.  She will probably grow out of it. She will most likely always be intolerant to corn which is her biggest trigger (using Fpies wordage:  “trigger” food that causes reaction). Now that we know she has Fpies, I feel good. Not knowing, for me, is the worst. Now we can look Fpies in the face and take it on. We accept this challenge. newsignature.jpg


4 thoughts on “Drum roll please….

  1. I am still in shock. I had a feeling, but was worried I wanted to diagnose all “food intolerant” children with the one syndrome I knew something about. Sad for you and sneaky B but know you are doing great, and with our knowledge together…these kids will thrive. Xoxo

    1. I know I still am in shock too. It’s just crazy. I haven’t gotten sad or mad yet, but I am sure that’s coming. I truly am grateful for your knowledge and friendship! xoxox

  2. My son was severely allergic to all poultry – chicken, turkey, etc.- most of his life. We could not have chicken in the house. My family cooked a small ham, in addition to the turkey, at Thanksgiving so that he could participate. I had to carry Benadryl with me at all times because we never knew when there would be cross contamination at restaurants. However, around 21 years old he was at a BBQ and tried a bit of chicken because “it smelled and looked so good.” He waited and had no reaction. Somehow he grew out of his allergy and now eats chicken with no problems.

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