Oh yes, I do have a blog…

if only you could see my face right now… contorted “smile”, rolling eyes, crazy messed up end of the day hair, sunglasses on head- because I always forget they are there… I can’t believe it’s been four months since typing to you all. A part of me hopes you missed me, a part of me is so embarrassed it’s been four freaking months! and a part of me hopes you didn’t give up on me… 🙂

Now to be fair, I have been crazy ridiculous busy. Way to busy for my own good actually. For those of you who have kids, you know life is busy, having an active five year old in pre-school,  add in a baby you only had four months to prepare for, hubby’s schooling, and my need to be successful, it’s just crazy. But it was been fun too…Shall we do a quick recap of the past four months?

thanksgiving.pngThanksgiving was delightful, we do have a lot to be thankful for.

december.pngDecember is aways crazy- right? We had a cookie decorating party, Jingle the elf returned and of course our Christmas was our usual crazy Swedish Celebration. Pretty much just like this, but a little more special this year with Sneaky B.

big5.pngKiddo turned 5! FIVE! We had her party at Michaels’ Art Store… who knew you could do that? When I learned they do parties, it was a done deal. It was great! They helped us with everything and most importantly- Kiddo had a great time!

auction.pngAnd then there was the crazy Auction. Kiddo goes to a pre-school that holds an auction every year to raise money to keep the school running. And this year I was co-chair in planning the entire thing with Magazine Mom. The planning took over our lives since January. Truly, my life has been auction planning and basic daily life skills for 3 months. Was it worth it, the jury is still out on that—-

Okay, for real- let’s just say I am very happy it’s done.  I was craving having the time to be my normal “Jone Cleaver Want-to-be self” back. The household saying was “Can’t wait till March 9th!” (the day after the auction). Second it was an awesome party and we raised over $25,000 (seriously). Third, Magazine Mom and I had a great time, most days… I only say this because life happens and during the final count down I and Sneaky B got Bronchitis, which included an emergency room visit for Sneaky B in the middle of the night, and this gave a lot of extra stress to all of us. But really, it was a fun adventure, an awesome party and I am happy we did it. I can say it was successful and been there- done that! 😉

K&M_march2014.pngSo there you go, we are caught up! And now that I have my life back (aka no auction to plan) I have so many projects I want to do. You know I will share! And I promise it will not be another four months!signature

7 thoughts on “Oh yes, I do have a blog…

  1. Life is back! Maybe I should blog too! Though it was crazy these last 3 months, I am so glad to have been able to call and see you 10 times a day, and not be called a stalker. Muah!

  2. I am so glad you are back! I was wondering if you were going to start blogging again. Yay! Molly!

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