Sprinklings: breakfast

Breakfast used to be my favorite meal of the day…and then I started eating a vegan diet. Plus I am gluten free. So finding something super yummy isn’t always easy and quite frankly I am done with hot oatmeal with berries. So when I found this recipe on Pinterest by The Joy of Everyday Cooking I was super excited! Peanut butter oatmeal bars- YUM!

I have been making them twice a week for weeks now, but yesterday I had a slight panic…not enough honey!

Okay side note- many vegans do not eat honey, harms the bees or something like that. This is not us- we still eat honey, we are vegans for health reasons and I believe the bees enjoy making honey.

Back to the bars…I had to adjust the recipe to what I had in the pantry and they came out divine. So here you go!

barsI hope you try them outsignature

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Sprinklings: failed experiment

Five days ago I started a little experiment. I didn’t let anyone know, but I was curious as to what would happen. I am not really surprised with the outcome, but still disappointed.

What was my big experiment? I put “Pumpkin” (the new stuffy kitty) on the floor in the way to the bathroom, to see if anyone, besides me, would pick it up.

pumpkinkittyCollageDay one and two Pumpkin sat there while the family walked right over her.

Day three someone kicked her while walking to the bathroom but didn’t pick her up.  (At this point I wanted to toss in the towel, pick up Pumpkin and toss her into Kiddos room, but I didn’t. I needed to know how long it would take).

Day four Pumpkin was kicked over a bit more but still there forgotten.

Day five was my limit. Couldn’t take it anymore. Not sure if it’s because I was focusing on poor Pumpkin for being left and walked over. Or if it showed the reality here…I pretty much pick up everything that is out of place. Yes Kiddo is picking up her room without asking and Hubby does help out quit a bit with certain things. But why do I have to ask Kiddo and Hubby to pick something up?

This doesn’t seem right. When I asked them both about poor Pumpkin, Kiddo shrugged her shoulders and went to find her, now tossed thrown into her room. And Hubby said “Really? I didn’t notice.” I guess I have another project on my hands… training the family to pick up anything that is out of place and put it away, even if it’s not theirs.

Am I the only one? Please tell me someone out there is dealing with this too, because that straight-jacket only comes in white and we all know how quickly white gets dirty. I don’t really need to do any extra laundry. signature

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Sprinklings: A new tradition

Did you miss me yesterday? I hope so and yes I failed my challenge of 31 days of blogging, but it was all for a good reason.  The reason- Kiddo.  She looked at me last night and said “ah do you have to blog? I want to just snuggle.” Done deal.

bishops3Today we went to our favorite pumpkin patch- Bishops Pumpkin Farm. It’s one of those places that is magical and full of autumn fun. We met up with some wonderful friends along with hundreds of others who thought today was a great day to go to the pumpkin patch. And you know, even though it was crowded, it was a wonderful day.

bishops2Kiddo got to ride a pony “Johnny” and she was smitten. She loved all five minutes of the ride. It was wonderful to see, last year she needed us to walk next to her. (Oh she is growing up so fast!)

bishops-junkWe even scarified our tummies for some junk food. We are paying for it now of course. It’s not fun when our vegan tummies experience normal junk food. Was it worth it? For the memories yes!

bishops_flowersI think my favorite part of the farm is the sunflower labyrinth. It’s a calm spot of the day and you can pick sunflowers along the way.

We are happy to be home and out of the hot sun. One day it will cool off here, I am so ready for the cold weather! signature

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Sprinklings: I don’t even know

Ever have one of those days when your mind is basically blank? I mean you can get stuff done but its like your on auto pilot.
That’s my day and coming up with a post today isn’t happening and I’ve used all my reserve posts.

So to make sure I don’t fail in my challenge, I give you this…my favorite saying (at least as of now). This is how I strive to live my life, I think I’m 98.5% successful… I am human after all. signature

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Sprinklings: I almost fell off the couch

Okay last night we had an amazing moment. For those of you who follow along know what it s like to get Kiddo to keep her room picked up. “I like my room messy” & ” I’m to tired to clean my room, that’s why its your job.”  NOT a good thing to say to mommy, but that was the norm.

About a month ago we took drastic measures and removed almost all her toys (read about it). It seemed a bit harsh but I was done with the constant nagging to keep it picked up. I’m not kidding we had to make a path to the bed a few times. Ands its been a huge help. Kiddo plays in her room more and its usually pretty clean.  Yes there is usually a pile of dress up (but only two dresses) or maybe some dirty clothes and baby doll or two. But for her – its great.

Then last night when she was supposed to be sleeping (we have major issues in this department) she did something amazing. Kiddo cleaned her room. We didn’t ask her too. She just did it. She even used her toy vacuum to vacuum her carpet.
She was so proud of herself! I couldn’t help but give her a major hug and kisses even though she should have been sleeping.

I am starting to really believe the saying:
Time to donate even more stuff, but this time it’s mommy and daddy’s turn.signature

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Sprinklings: how does that happen?

bb4-sizedI think I must be channeling June these last few days. I am needing the super perfectly clean and organized world that June always had.  But with two children and a crazy few days its an unattainable goal.

While I’m trying to catch up, there are a few mysteries of house keeping that make me bonkers. And I’m wondering if I am alone here or am I needing a straight jacket

1. How come there is often one dish in the dishwasher that doesn’t get clean? I don’t mean one little spec, I mean totally dirty.  As if it didn’t even get any water on it. Makes me crazy because now its even harder  to clean the dried on food goobers. Gross!

2. How is it possible that one shirt, pair of undies or one sock can go through the entire dryer time and come out as wet as it went in? How does that happen? Its not all twisted either (that does happen sometimes). I don’t understand how this can happen with all the hot air flying around the tossing clothes… doesn’t make any sense.

3. (The most annoying) how can you leave for a few days, leaving the house spotless, and when you get home the house is a freaking disaster?  okay honestly it is clean when we walk in but in less than five minutes its a disaster. This makes me totally insane. Not sure why but it really does. I don’t know how it even happens. Maybe because all of our luggage is piled up? But it’s more than just luggage- its almost ad if the luggage has exploded. Arggg!!

I really hope I am not needing a straight jacket here and that at least one of these things happens to you too. Please share with me so I don’t go looking for the nearest asylum. signature

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Sprinklings: vacuuming with my pearls on

june-cleaver (1)I like to consider myself a June Cleaver of the 21st century.  Not only do I love the vintage vibe but I like to have my home in order all the time. This doesn’t alway happen, but I go bonkers when it’s not done. If there is laundry to be folded and I don’t do it before leaving for the day, I think about it the entire time I am out of the house. That being said, I do a few very un-June things occasionally to get it done. So here we go…. Confession of a June Clever want-to-be….

1. Sometimes when the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, it’s 11 at night and there are just 5 larger dishes that need to be washed; I will put away enough of the clean dishes to fit the few dirties in and start the dishwasher again. That way I can wake up to a clean kitchen.

2. There are days that I will just spray the can of pledge around, that way the house smells clean and therefore I think it’s been dusted.

3. Some days I will get dressed up just to vacuum. Pearls, heels, maybe even a cute dress. (Okay this doesn’t happen to often anymore, but it used to)

4. Sometimes I rewash clothes instead of putting them away. Horrible but true.

5. Most of the time I dust only as high as by tallest friend.

6. When I am going to have company for dinner, I set the table first thing that morning, that way it “looks” like I am organized and ready to go, even thought I may not be.

7. If there is a tupperware container that has been in the fridge a little to long with left overs and it has started to grow a bit, I will toss the entire thing instead of just washing it out.

8. Since Hubby wears a suit jacket everyday, I only iron the collar, cuffs and the center front. Sorry Hubby

9. Never underestimate the power of dim lighting. It’s amazing how much cleaner your home looks in dim lighting. Hence all my lamps have 40 watt bulbs or lower.

10. Never have guests arrive right before sunset (or whenever the sun is hitting your windows). It’s amazing how dirty the windows look when they are in direct sunlight.

I am sure there are many many more, but for now these are my confessions. Do you have any June Cleaver confessions to share? I would love to hear them. signature

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Sprinkling: getting sh*t done

How does one get sh*t done with a four year old and a two month old? I would guess the parents reading this are thinking you just do. You find a way to get all the sh*t done. It might mean staying up till midnight, but you just do. Sh*t has to be done, so we all just do.

Sometimes I think  know I do to much. I have too many big projects happening at the same time. I can’t help it…its a flaw of mine. It my eternal need to be successful and helpful.  I guess it’s a good flaw to have, but sometimes it means failing where I shouldn’t.

Lately I have been failing at going to the market.  I’m not kidding you, I have broccoli,  a half container of soy milk and apple juice in the fridge right now. Pathetic!  I just seems that I can’t find the time. For sure this needs to change. Not a good place to be a slacker. Maybe I should look into getting groceries delivered…wouldn’t that be divine.
nursingCollageWhere I have been succeeding,  multi-tasking! I have mastered typing my posts (using my cell) while I nurse Sneakty B. Its amazing how fast one can learn to type using only a thumb.  With Kiddo, I would have never done this.  I just watched her, probably a first baby thing. Now I think what can I do while I sit here nursing- getting sh*t done
allcollegeHere is a fine example of a normal day photographing items for Pink Floor Studio; an etsy shop my mom and I are opening soon. (Ill share more about that one day soon) For sure I never thought I could photograph, help Sneaky B with her passy and be a jungle gym for Kiddo all at the same time.

It sure is funny/odd how once you are a parent you can do so many more things at once. Maybe it’s just me, but I sure don’t need a quite home to focus. It’s almost as if my universe has shifted. If it’s too quite I think Kiddo must be up to something she shouldn’t be. When there is a good level of noise, i can focus on what needs to get done. Is anyone else like that?

If only I could figure out making dinner while folding laundry- my home home would always be neat and tidy. signature

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