Sprinklings- 31 days completed!

halloweenI’m freaking exhausted.  Oh wait, where are my manners- happy Halloween!
Is it just me? Halloween is exhausting.  Maybe it was just this year, maybe it’s because it was the first one with two children,  or maybe because we packed a lot into one afternoon.  Lets not say its because I’m getting old- k.

Have I ever mentioned that I love our town. There are many reasons why, like today when almost all of the businesses downtown open there doors for trick-or-treaters. It’s a great way to get out in the afternoon to trick-or-treat, see many many people that you know, let the kids get a sugar high and then total melt down all in two and half hours. Way too much candy of course, but the awesomeness two coupons for free ice creams and we won Kiddo free Karate classes (yes!). Then we carved our pumpkins (remind me that we should do this earlier next year) and then went out trick-or-treating, again, in our neighborhood with friends. A lot of fun in one afternoon, probably a bit too much, but hey everyone is asleep but me and it’s only 830 🙂

Like today, the 31 day challenge – “sprinklings of my reality,” I chatted about a lot different topics or events. From creating costumes, to lentils and even pee & poop, truly it is my reality and I hope you enjoyed it and much as I do.

Stick around though, just because this challenge is over, i will still be here blogging away, not everyday! but I will have more to share. signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality is a 31 days of October challenge…read them all here.

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