Sprinklings: how does that happen?

bb4-sizedI think I must be channeling June these last few days. I am needing the super perfectly clean and organized world that June always had.  But with two children and a crazy few days its an unattainable goal.

While I’m trying to catch up, there are a few mysteries of house keeping that make me bonkers. And I’m wondering if I am alone here or am I needing a straight jacket

1. How come there is often one dish in the dishwasher that doesn’t get clean? I don’t mean one little spec, I mean totally dirty.  As if it didn’t even get any water on it. Makes me crazy because now its even harder  to clean the dried on food goobers. Gross!

2. How is it possible that one shirt, pair of undies or one sock can go through the entire dryer time and come out as wet as it went in? How does that happen? Its not all twisted either (that does happen sometimes). I don’t understand how this can happen with all the hot air flying around the tossing clothes… doesn’t make any sense.

3. (The most annoying) how can you leave for a few days, leaving the house spotless, and when you get home the house is a freaking disaster?  okay honestly it is clean when we walk in but in less than five minutes its a disaster. This makes me totally insane. Not sure why but it really does. I don’t know how it even happens. Maybe because all of our luggage is piled up? But it’s more than just luggage- its almost ad if the luggage has exploded. Arggg!!

I really hope I am not needing a straight jacket here and that at least one of these things happens to you too. Please share with me so I don’t go looking for the nearest asylum. signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality is a 31 day challenge, read them all, I know you want to.

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