Sprinklings: a little celebration

100Happy 100th post day to me! It might seem silly to celebrate 100 posts but to me its big.

When I was a little kid reading and writing was very difficult.  I think I was eight when I was diagnosed with server allergies to all grass pollen and dust (among other things). The allergies effected my sinuses (think head cold 24/7) hence I didn’t learn the actual letter sounds when learning to read.

My parents made me go to special classes to relearn how to read and write (THANK YOU!!). It took a few years but I got it but I still hated reading out loud in classes, was a very slow reader and if you asked me to sound out a word I had never heard/known- forget about it. There are still words today I have issues with, but happily I love to read and am finding I love to write.

So when wanting “to be s blogger” I was hesitant. ..could I actually write and not have to spell check every word? Could I actually write and have followers? Could I do it?

I decided that I had to do it. I had to face my fear of standing up in class and reading out loud. Yes when blogging I can kind of hide behind the computer screen, but you are all reading my words. And you know what, I can now stand in front of a large group and speak- no problem. I think the hidden audience of the blog world has given me a confidence I never expected to have. So thank you followers- all 50 of you, you have given me a gift I didn’t know I needed.signature

sprinklingSprinklings of my reality: a 31 day series

6 thoughts on “Sprinklings: a little celebration

  1. Empowered, YOU! Your hurdles confronted and my-oh-my how you have grown and blossomed.
    Love following you and your world
    ‘Write’ on Molly.
    HaPPY 100th

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