sprinklings: don’t fail me now Pampers!

poopingchampIt all starts with this face, a slight downward curl of the lips and hand clenched up to the left, and then it starts. The grunting. The slow changes in her face, seriously it’s like slow motion moving. Then it comes…the forceful explosions happening down there.  Whoever is in the room, or nearby for that matter, can hear it. 

“Sweet Jesus Run!” Kiddo screams

“Poop, poop, poop.  Poop baby poop” Hubby sings

I can’t help but giggle and think Sneaky B’s first word is going to be “Poop” I just know it.

After the process is over, we wait.  I learned the hard way. No details her, just trust me, I learned the messy way to wait, hands to not stop poop.  Then comes the big change. The oh please Pampers I hope you did your job to contain. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. When it’s a no, poop leaking everywhere, it’s the contortion diaper change. How to get the outfit off the baby without smearing the joy all over her body. It’s amazing how good you get at doing this.

Then come the farts. This baby can clear a room since she was born with her farting power.  I really don’t know if this is normal. Reading all I want to know about baby farts (it’s amazing how your reading list changes when you have babies right?) I am still not sure if it’s normal. I believe it’s just her normal. She’s is just like her daddy… sorry Hubby. I know you are proud of this

I know for some this might not be delightful, but it’s a “sprinkling” of my day.  Please tell me I am not alone? And if you are not a parent yet, sorry for the minimal details, but consider yourself forewarned.signature

sprinklingPost is part of a 31 day series: Sprinklings for my reality, please read them all, I know you want to

4 thoughts on “sprinklings: don’t fail me now Pampers!

  1. I spent an hour in the car with both a 5 and 11 year old boy. Miss Madison would have fit in beautifully!

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