Sprinklings of my reality

sprinklingSomehow it’s October again! Wow time flies, doesn’t it?! In my blogging world that means another round of 31 day’s of blogging with the link up party from The Nester… fun and totally crazy!

I am not sure why I am doing this again, it’s stressful and a big commitment but it’s also fun, so who cares that I don’t really have time for it, I am going to do it and I hope you enjoy.

My 31 days is going to be more like a journal of my life, little “Sprinklings of my reality.”  My life of being a stay at home mama of a four year old and two month old, while I do freelance designing, work at pre-school one day a week, am on the pre-school board (yes! PRE-school board) planning this years biggest fundraiser with my good friend Magazine mom, creating and selling on my etsy shop (Vintage Princess by ME), starting a business with my mama (Pink Floor Studios) and being a wife to my fab hubby. You know it will be interesting in this house with all this going on, and this is just me. I will have to share what Hubby does one day.

Today was the first day since having Sneaky B that I had to work at pre-school. Which meant leaving Sneaky B for the first time with an amazing friend. I was expecting this to be  horrible moment filled with major mommy guilt- thankfully it wasn’t.

It turned out to be a fun day with Kiddo and all her friends, I mean really, how could you not have fun here


And playing with Mr.Potato Head…I haven’t done that for probably 32 years


An added bounce of the day, finding a new place in town that sells gluten free-vegan treats! Woo so excited!!!


So it turned out to me a pretty normal day. I am sure the remaining month will not be so chill. I do hope you find the remaining days interesting, it seems odd to me to write about myself and what I do, it’s not something I like to do.  Maybe that’s a good reason to do this because it makes me a bit uncomfortable.


sprinklingYou can read all of the series “Sprinklings of my reality” and you should!

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