day 28: the oh so evil…

Laundry basket. Yes you read that correctly. I said that the laundry basket is evil. Shall I explain?

For years I have lived a life without a laundry basket. Yes we have had a sorting basket for dirty clothes in the bedroom, but not a traditional laundry basket. So before said evil basket entered my world, when clothes came out of the dryer, they were tossed onto the sofa, folded and put away. No worries.

Now that evil laundry basket has entered my home, clothes come out of the dryer and get tossed into the laundry basket, laundry basket gets moved to the living room and that’s where it stays.  For days…

Even Myles likes the laundry basket, it's under this mountain somewhere
Even Myles likes the laundry basket, it’s under this mountain somewhere

Is it just me? Maybe because it’s new to me? I don’t know.  I just know that I am getting rid of it. My June Cleaver want-to-be self is getting “lazy” with this evil basket in the house. What’s next? A microwave. (LOL close friends know I don’t have a microwave, can you believe it! It’s not that I don’t want one, I live with “super duper tiny kitchen syndrome” and there isn’t any room for one)

IMG_5894Kiddo is starting to think it’s her new “cozy seat.” Not really happy about that.  So to improve this laundry evil, I either have to get rid of the clothes so I don’t have to do laundry – NOT going to happen, or the laundry basket has to go. Yep… bye bye laundry basket, you are evil and can not stay in our home anymore.  It’s back to old school laundry done, folded and but away for this June Clever.signature

read them all!
read them all!

2 thoughts on “day 28: the oh so evil…

  1. It’s true! I bring the laundry down to fold during nap time, and it gets folded and carted back upstairs, and the clean folded clothes just sit there in the basket. Hmm, getting rid of the laundry basket – what an idea….

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