day 25: a little added pressure

deadlineI love this saying… and it is so true for me. I want to improve my procrastinating self, to just get stuff done ahead of time.  Or for that matter, just doing all the things on my to do list that I am just “ah” about. I have so many things to do, so many oh so not fun things to do, and I just keep moving them to next weeks to do list.

I feel that the blogging world adds some extra pressure and for sure deadlines to my world. January is supposed to be 31 days to improving our little world, and for the most part it has been, although not every day, like it should be.  I am not sure why I am in this state of “ah.” I have been thinking about it a bunch lately.  One thing that for sure makes me feel “ah” is missing my daddy. Today is his birthday and we should be celebrating with him, but we are not. Almost five years ago he passed; “cancers a bitch” as he said.

It’s almost as if I am stuck. Wait don’t get me wrong here, I love my little world, my hubby, my kiddo, my family and friends.  We are making “it” work so I can be home with kiddo while she is still young. I am very lucky.  We have a pretty carefree, fun world. But you know what, I am kind of over it; my biggest excitement of the day being “I did five loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen…again.” blah…. Does anyone else feel this way?

What does this all mean? How can I improve? I need deadlines and pressure to improve my little world. That is- to do all the things I know I can do. The things I want to do. There aren’t really many things, what are those things:

  1. Improve “Vintage Princess by ME” – by improve I mean actually get all my inventory photographed, posted on etsy, make some marketing material and take that to local stores.
  2. Create a fun new resume and marketing (for lack of a better work) packet of my work as a cabinetry and furniture designer, send it to architects and designers and see if I can get some freelance work. (I would love this!)
  3. Finish, yes, finish all my U.F.O.’s (Un-Finished Objects). I have so many paintings started, a few organizing projects started, many sewing projects started… you see my pattern, all started- not finished.

Three little things. Simple and I feel like putting it out here, in the blogging world, it adds a little pressure to me. It’s what I need to improve my little world, which would improve our little world.  I hope you hold me accountable. Really! signature

read them all!
read them all!

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