day 23: improving my mental image

Venus of Willendorf

Alright, here we go. There are days when I feel like this. I know we all have these “fat” days. They suck! What’s up with them? For me, I really really try every day to have a good thought regarding my body.  I have never been the “skinny” one, and that’s okay. Really it is, that’s not who I am.  I have always been “thick” or “chunky” or “big boned” (I hate this one by the way- so stupid), anyway my point is that I will always be on the bigger side. It’s who I am. I have Viking blood, and that’s all there is to it.

After having kiddo, actually while preggers with kiddo, I received the dreaded oh so “lovely” stretch marks on my belly.  Hubby said one evening “wow it looks like she is trying to scrape here way out of your belly.” Take it in…. wasn’t great, but it is true.  Today I sometimes look at my belly and think, geez thanks kiddo for destroying my body.  I don’t like thinking that way, but I am pretty sure we all do, right?

14636767509344731_ZU7k8rtp_cThis morning I saw this saying on (shocking) Pinterest.  It made me cry and I can’t stop thinking about it.  I don’t know who wrote this, but whoever did, thank you.

This is how I should be thinking of the tiger scratched belly, and body for that matter. We are awesome creatures. Be proud of our bodies as they are. If you can improve on what you have, I know I can, then do it, but still be proud of what we have.

I have printed this saying out and taped it to my mirror.  I need to improve how I think and think of this daily.  I think that it would be a big improvement. Alright, enough on this, time to start painting…signature

read them all!
read them all!

5 thoughts on “day 23: improving my mental image

  1. I have a miniature statue of that statue. Molly, I love what you wrote and I can identify with what you said. For me the weight issues go beyond carbs and exercise. Thanks for posting.

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