improving day 11 & 12: Pinterest, Pinning, Pinned It


Okay so I didn’t blog yesterday. Why… because I got stuck in reading blog after blog after blog about Pinterest, blog traffic through Pinterest, how to get you blog photo to be popular on Pinterest, how to organize your pinterest boards, how to write you pinterest profile, then a few hours on pinterest until 1:30 in the morning. Writing about everything I had just read wasn’t going to happen.  Not only did everything I just read need to stew in my mind for a bit, but I could barely keep my eyes open.

So this morning, I started my day the same as always, being woken up to:

  • “MOMMY! I want to watch a show”
  • “Well good morning kiddo, let’s just wake up first, get some coffee, juice and see what happens”
  • “I am awake, and I would like a show please”

I give in so I can make a pot of coffee, wash my face, wake up a bit (when did I loose that kiddo thing of waking up ready to go now?) and join kiddo on the sofa to watch some fantastic cartoons, sip my coffee hoping it will remove the sleeping dust from my mind and switch on my laptop.  Emails, bank accounts checked…on to Pinterest. Yep I am a addict.

60728294946157907_0DxrwHRJ_cI also want to improve my blog and become a successful blogger,  You know the ones who’s projects and images are all over Pinterest.  How do they do that? This is where my late night research, from the night before, began. Want to know what I learned?  I am going to share the things that stand out in my mind today, here you go:

Number 1: Make sure ever post has an eye-catching image (okay so not this post, but it will happen).  Something people would want to pin.  This is one of the areas I feel I seriously need to improve. Photographing is tricky, but I now have a pile of books about it, I will improve one way or another!

Number 2: When writing your diy posts, make them as “you need to make this” as possible. Do this my using awesome photos (geez) of the final product, super easy to follow directions and talk about dollars “It only costs $5 to make this awesome do-hickey” People tend to like thinking they could make that with little dollars.

Number 3: Pinnable images should be like “mini magazine covers.”  Right back to photos…it does make sense, the first photo of your posts needs to be eye catching so that people will read the post and fingers crossed “Pin It.”

Number 4: Make it easy for readers to “Pin It.”  There are simple and tricky ways of doing this.  Wordpress has the option to have the pin-it button on every post, but there are ways to have the “pin-it” button right on your image.  I will be working on figuring this out, and will share with you how to do it, once I get it.

Number 5: Follow and comment on others blogs and pin boards.  Get social. It’s what it’s about, in a way.  I don’t really think of commenting as a “social” moment, but I understand what this tip is getting at.  You have to “play to game, to get the game” right?

Number 6: Make your pins a reality and blog about it. If you are actually doing what you pin (congratulations! so am I) you should share that you did it. Start a board entitled “I pinned it and did it” or something like that. You can even blog about it if you want.

So there you have it, a beginning to getting your blog posts out there in the pinning world.  I am going to improve on all of these and maybe spend a little less time pinning…HA HA HA.  Off to start one of the thousands of projects I have pinned, I am sure I will be sharing it with you.signature



This is day 11&12 of 31 day’s of improving our little world…it’s my world I can combine days right?

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