Improving day 10: I am so happy….

because today the carpets were cleaned! WOO HOO!

Now wait a minute…isn’t it funny that having your wall to wall carpets cleaned can make one so happy.  When did this thinking switch?  I know that the kiddo could careless, in fact she is hating it at the moment because she can’t have any snacks in the living room. I am pretty sure that when I was in my 20’s I didn’t care about clean carpets.  Well maybe a little bit since I am an Interior Architect, so I am always focused on interior details.  I can tell you what restaurants have the worst moulding details if you would like…. can’t help myself I notice these things.

Back to the wonderfulness of clean carpets, it so nice to not see where the mac n’ cheese spilled in the dining room, or where the cat brought in the dead mouse, or where I spilled blue paint.  I don’t think anyone stopping by could see these spots, but I sure could.  Or all the glitter on the floor in kiddos room, it was pretty and sparkly for a day or two, then it made me bonkers.

So tonight the carpets are perfect. Makes me so happy, as sad as that might me.  I think I will ask hubby to make me a bourbon, sit on the lovely clean carpets and contemplate my next diy project. Cheers!


This is day 10 of improving out little world, to read them all, click here

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