Two weeks to go, checking in

In two weeks, day one of “the” first craft show will be over. Breath.  Today I have been nervous about this 14 days. Sunday I set up a schedule for myself, I realize now this it was not realistic. This is what makes me nervous,  I wanted to be further along in my inventory.  That being said, I have made huge progress this week, just today I made 8 dresses… don’t beat myself up too much- right?

I am looking forward, I must say, to just being at the show and NOT sewing for awhile.  Today kiddo said “yay yay I know your sewing now” and “are you ever going to be done sewing?”  I sure do hope so- I am dreaming about sewing and frankly I am kind of over it (for tonight).  It’s not that I am not enjoying it while I am sitting at the machine, it’s that it is interfering with daily life.  Our house is a dis-as-ter, home cooked meals- I think I cooked once this week (this is so not the norm for this June Cleaver want-to-be), laundry- “well it’s not that dirty you can wear it again.”

This is one thing that none of the many books I have read about crafting business’ talks about.  How your normal life will be interrupted by “the” show, “the business.”  When to find the time to work?  I guess I could not sleep, but let’s be real that IS NOT going to happen.  So my method: I try and do something fun every day with kiddo and then work the rest of the day.  It’s tough on her I know, she is acting out because of it. She is so freaking sassy lately- only towards me, luckily (I guess).  This sassiness makes me bonkers.  Ignoring the sassy, makes it worse, it’s a loose loose at this point.

My husband got home from work this evening to bitchy me because I could not find a pan to “cook” dinner in.  Granted we have many, but I wanted a specific one.  (Still haven’t found it and our kitchen is tiny- were the hell can it be??) Kiddo was being whiney, sassy and asking 5000 questions in her way to loud for inside voice.  I bet I had that glazed over, bitchy, help me but don’t help me look in my eye. I would not be surprised if he thought about going back to work; one of the many things I love about him, he knows that when I am bitchy me, to just let me be and I will come back to real me quickly. And I did 🙂

Any who…I hope those of you who are in Davis or want to take a nice drive to Davis in two weeks will be attending “the” show and thanks for reading my rant, off to dream land, hopefully not about sewing

(hee hee I am one of those 70 Artisans’ Booths)

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