day 31: being realistic

Boo Hoo, it’s the final day of 31 days of preparing for my first craft show.  I do hope you have enjoyed the past 31 days, I have…most days.  And I do hope you check in with me here from time to time, I will still be blogging, but not only about craft shows, so many things have happened this month that I haven’t had a chance to share with you; a little teaser, dishwasher mayhem, vegan fantasticalness, family psychosis, this should get you interested right?

Today being realistic.  I know I have high hopes for this craft show. Oh how I would love to sell everything! That would be simply awesome! Reality, probably not going to happen.  Craft shows can be awesome or they can, frankly, suck.

Being successful depends on so many things, many of which you will have no control over. (My control freak self doesn’t like this much). Yes you have control of your work, your self, your booth design, etc.  You will not have control over how many people come to the show, will people who come like what you do, will they spend money, will the weather be good enough for people to venture out?

The reality is, for me, that selling in a craft show is hard work! But it is fun too.  If you like to be creative and people have said to you “you made that, I want to buy one” you get a bit excited.  I think how I would love to be one of the success stories you read about, a person who left there job to be a stay at home mommy, were creative, started selling there work here and there and now they are big! They have a team, they have a real studio, they have followers, they make big money.

They all started small, that first craft show where they didn’t have a clue what they were doing, but they went for it and are now successful.  I am at that first step.  I am nervous, if I let myself sit still and realize it (but that NEVER happens), I am excited, I am hoping I sell at least one thing, no I am hoping I at least make a profit, I am going to loose my mind some days.  I figure as long as it’s still fun, I am making a profit, then why not, right?

I do hope that if you are thinking of selling at a craft show, this month might have helped you a bit.  It helped me for sure! This 31 days was like a mini deadline of sorts, every day researching, sewing, creating for the blog.  I need deadlines, I have a big one in 30 days! Holly crap, got to get sewing!

“There’s nothing an artist needs more- even more than excellent tools and stamina  than a deadline” – Adriana Trigiani


To read all 31 days to preparing for my first craft show, click here and read the entire series.  Also, follow me and read how crazy life can really be.

7 thoughts on “day 31: being realistic

  1. Love that Adriana Trigiani quote – haven’t heard it before, but so true! And, randomly, I was just thinking of her yesterday – I started a series by her years ago that I never finished. (Cue “The Twilight Zone” music here.) You’ve done a great job this month – I’ve loved reading all of your posts. Maybe one day I’ll get the nerve to attempt a craft show – then I’ll read all of these posts again and again and keep you on speed dial.

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