day 29: inventory check in

Okay, so in the past 29 days this is what I have made:

  • 10 fleece jackets
  • 18 vintage handkerchief skirts
  • 23 bandana bibs (plus I sold one)
  • 9 crayon portfolios
  • 3 crafting aprons
  • 50 hang tags
  • 1 halloween costume (although I was “told” I forgot the wand)
“dark pink rose fairy princess”

Overall, along with being a mommy, wifey, june clever want-to-be, and on the school board, I think this is pretty good.  Is it enough?  HELL NO! Do I have a ton to do in the next month and 2 days? YES! Is it all good? YEP!

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3 thoughts on “day 29: inventory check in

  1. Wow, you’re amazing. I’m feeling good about one project a day – you’ve made more than double that! Costume is fantastic – and K’s modeling is priceless!

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