day 27: oh no…maybe not

Oh no, there are only 4 more days of “31 days to preparing for my first craft show.”  The last few days this thought has been awesome, it is a lot of work blogging everyday. Today, I am not so happy about this.  Why you ask?  Well for many reasons, but the number one reason:

Blogging everyday is keeping me on track!  Because I have to do this daily, I am NOT procrastinating, for me this is HUGH!  I have a blogging calendar and I stick to it.  Of course I could create a calendar for finishing my inventory, but let’s face it, I don’t have the social pressure there.  I should! I know, I can’t show up to the craft show with a tiny pile of inventory, but it’s different.  Here, in blogging world for this 31 days, I have two friends (Magazine Mom & Beautiful Objects) who are blogging daily too. Let me tell you, they both post before I do daily, I see there posts and shit I got to get it done. I can’t be the slacker!

My first show is in 33 days! 33! Of course I will have a bit more time daily because I will not be blogging daily (I know, your so sad) but thirty three days! The way time flies around here, this will be in no time.  Just to freak myself out a bit more, 33 days is 792 hours, 47,520 minutes…wait this isn’t freaking me out so much.  47,520 minutes is a ton of time! Especially if I don’t think about all the other things that need to get done. Okay no problem.

Now, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post, or 31 days to preparing for my first craft show.  How cute is this:

this is from Silhouette’s facebook page, it’s available in early November.

I am going to make something similar to this, NOT till after the show though, I love it!

However I am going to be doing this next week

found this image through pinterest (of course), the link takes you to this fantastic blog, Crazy Domestic

Glittered Acorns! Love! I have always loved acorns and glitter (duh?) putting the two together, genius.

5 thoughts on “day 27: oh no…maybe not

  1. Those acorns are so cute!! And I totally agree – blogging every day has made me get so much done! Trying to figure out how to keep the momentum without posting every single day. Let’s brainstorm. 🙂

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