day 24: booth displays~ what to wear?

Yep, another day of “what should I wear today?” oye how I wish for a stylist some days. What you wear while selling you “stuff” is very important, and I am talking about it now, because in a way you are part of your booth space, in that you are representing your work and need to fit into your display.

Since I make children’s things out of vintage fabrics, I will need to wear something with that vintage vibe.  This is not my normal every day style, not sure I really have one anymore (mommy-hood does that to you, or at least me) although part of me has always wanted to be that rockabilly mama (giggling) this is not my style of the moment, unfortunately.  Happily I do have time to shop a bit before the show because at the moment my closet is pathetic.

A little list of what I think will be important when considering what to wear:

  1. No matter what, look happy! Even if you’re tired (probably will be), hungry, frustrated, or over it, fake it.  Happy vendor equals happy costumers.
  2. If you do make something that you can wear, wear it!
  3. Take into consideration where your show is, if you are selling at a country club or at a country fair, make sure you fit in.
  4. Comfortable shoes are a must! You will be on your feet for hours. Please remember that comfortable does not mean ugly! There are many, many cute, comfortable shoes out there.
  5. Layers would probably be a good idea; you never know how warm or cold it will be where you are selling.
  6. I think it is wise for the day of set up to wear a “set-up” outfit and then change into your “show” outfit.  You will get dirty and sweaty setting up, no one wants to be around that all day.
  7. Bring an extra outfit just incase you spill on yourself.  You don’t want to have a stain on yourself all day, you know how you feel with that coffee stain, “does everyone see that I can’t drink coffee correctly?” –probably.

All in all, I think it is must to be cute and comfortable.  Make sure you fit into the vibe of your booth and the location of the show.  If you have the basics, newer jeans, ironed shirt, non-pilled sweater, cute dress, hole less tights, cute shoes, “girls” are contained, hair is under control, make-up done, deodorant on, nails done, teeth brushed, and no stinky breath, then you will be good to go.

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