day 23: booth display~ sketches

After many evenings of “pinning” ideas for booth displays, and way to many hours thinking about what my booth should actually look like, I finally had to put pen to paper and sketch (at a board meeting, but don’t tell).  Many renditions later, and here is what I came up with

(Please excuse the wonky-ness, it’s been awhile since I have had to sketch)

I have decided to use vintage screens and/or doors for my “walls” with a shelf that wraps around two sides and hanging rods for the clothes on the left side.  The bookcase/table is where I will set up the payment “center” for receiving payments and packaging purchases.  The scalloped pieces around the top and at the shelf, will be made our brown crafting paper, come back Friday to see how it’s done.  Overall, I think the booth is open, vintage, clean and hopefully cute.

Now, the next part, thrifting all the pieces… good thing I can start at my favorite place to shop, my mom’s studio.

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