day 21: booth display ~ inspiration

Craft show booth display seems like a science and therefore I am going to be chatting about this all week. Today some beautiful inspiration

Love the all white, always have, this is from a shop in Germany, even the thread looks cute
Vintage doors! What else can I say other than LOVE!!!
Loving the bookcase  and the burlap on the table,  this display is by Gingercake, her pieces are so cute and you can check them out here. Love the owls!
this display uses so many different heights, very smart and how cute is the lighting?
super cute way to display headbands, so going to be making this- you can find the tutorial here and here is the original post.

I could go on and on with inspiration photos of displays, or you could check out my display board on pinterest. Hopefully this has started you thinking about displays, I know my mind is swirling with ideas! And tomorrow, more about booth displays- I know you can’t wait!

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