day 20: why didn’t I know this? (another tip)

Today I learned something fantastic! I can’t believe in all my years of sewing (let’s see I think I started sewing at 12 so 25 years- holly cow!) I didn’t know this or even think of this.

After you have sewn a button hole, comes the scariest part, the slicing of the opening. Oh I have destroyed so many garments because I cut just a bit to far and destroyed the button hole.  NOT anymore!

Place a pin at one end of button hole like this (like the practice button hole, with my new sewing machine, it’s a bit different, this one is funky, but I got it down now)
Use your seam ripper to slice open the button hole… see what is going to happen here, the pin will stop the seam ripper before disaster happens

Move the pin to the other side and repeat

Perfect button hole every time!

Love it, so simple, wish I had known this before!

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2 thoughts on “day 20: why didn’t I know this? (another tip)

  1. Brilliant! I’ve used my buttonhole maker before, but the last few times, it turns out wonky. I might need a lesson from M.E. – after the show, of course! 🙂

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