day 15: do you have any buttons?

When I was growing up on warm summer evenings, as a family, we would not go on walks, play tag in the back yard or go for a swim.  We would sit outside under the fairy lights and sort buttons.  Hours and hours of the four of us sorting buttons by color and size, laughing and chatting about who knows what.  “scrunch, scrunch, scrunch” (in my mind, this is the sound of buttons being pushed around by hands searching for the perfect one).

Many people have a button jar, but not my mom, she has vintage suitcases full.

6 vintage suitcases, full of mixed buttons
8 vintage suitcases, full of sorted buttons

Saturday evening, 11:30 at night, tired, very tired, I am getting ready to turn in for the evening, and I say to my mom, “I need to look for buttons tomorrow for the fleece jackets, do you have any?” (totally joking on the “do you have any?”)  An hour an a half later, we are done searching

We searched through unsorted buttons, like this:

unsorted button suitcase

Blue and Pink, Brown and Brights

Giggling endlessly, my mom kept saying, “Oh I think I have one more box over here,” and “I can’t find any buttons that will work.”  This is true, I need four of the same buttons for each jacket, a bit tricky believe it or not.

How does this relate to preparing for my first craft show?  I guess it is because it’s part of the process for me, more shopping at my mom’s studio, truly it’s an amazing place.

Seriously, if you need any buttons, ask me first, I think my mom could spare a few

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