day 13: working in a proper studio

Today we are in the country at my parents house.  My mom has a studio that most of us creative peeps dream of.  It is a wonderful space to work, she has everything and I half joke saying “Mom, I need to go shopping in your studio.”

relaxing side of mom's studio
relaxing side of mom’s studio
working side of mom’s studio

This morning I went “shopping” in the storage room and found loads of vintage table cloths, handkerchiefs and fabrics.  Most will be used for little girl skirts and dresses.  The afternoon was spent cutting, chatting and cutting.  It’s amazing how productive I can me when not working at the dining room table and my closet sewing room.

laying out the hankies and fabrics

My mom is a great collector

Vintage Vanity Mirror Collection
crown and tiara collection

A few things she is working on

ornaments using vintage cookie molds
super cute crown ornaments

and some cuteness

a little cuteness

Hope you have enjoyed, we sure do!

this is day 13 of 31days to preparing for my first craft show, to read all days click here

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