day 12: the Friday tip ~ an evening work basket

The other night John and I were watching TV and I was working on some of the small bits that needed to be done to complete a few super cute fleece jackets I am making.  I had a total da-ja-vu of my parents when growing up; my mom and dad sitting watching a show, my mom working on some kind of craft. Wow, how history repeats.

If you are like me, by the time dinner is eaten, dishes done and kiddo asleep, you are pooped.  With this three day (yikes!) craft show approaching fast (1 month and 18 days away) I can not afford to just chill.  Here is what I do, through out the day, when sewing, if I have tedious things to do such as trimming seams, turning pieces right side out, clipping threads, I toss them into my evening work basket (bin technically).  It sits on the side table next to the sofa, not beautiful, but I can’t think about proper design at this point in time.  Once I have relaxed a bit, the basket in my eyesight, I dig in and get busy.

Here is what was in my basket last night, and the basics too

Vintage rick-rack, embroidery floss, more jacket tabs (for the super cute fleece jackets) that need top stitching, scissors, rick-rack that is needing to be twisted, three rick-rack flowers from last night, thread and a pin cushion.

Simple, busy work that can be done while chill-in on the sofa with your hubby, watching a show and enjoying a cocktail, Cheers and Happy Friday!

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